Revamping Your Pool for a Fresh New Look

Is your pool looking tired and lacklustre? Over time, pool finishes can become stained, cracked, or just appear dull. Updating your pool with a mini makeover can give it a fresh new look without breaking the bank. With some strategic upgrades and DIY renovations, you can transform your backyard oasis into a relaxing retreat once again. 

Assess the Current Condition

First, take a look at the current condition of your pool. Check for cracks or chips in the plaster finish. Identify any stubborn stains that may require attention. Also, evaluate the condition of the pool deck and coping, as worn-out surfaces can diminish the overall aesthetic of your pool area. This evaluation is crucial for developing a budget and prioritising the upgrades needed for your pool.

Update the Pool Finish   

Resurfacing a concrete pool or replastering a plaster pool is one of the most dramatic upgrades you can do. For fibreglass pools, a new gel coat can provide a vibrant, like-new finish. Depending on the pool size, professional resurfacing can cost $3,000-$8,000. For a more budget-friendly option, etching acid washes can expose new layers of finish at a lower cost.. 

Update Your Pump

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and your existing pool pumps and heaters may be outdated. Replacing older equipment with newer, more efficient pumps and heaters can completely transform your pool experience. New variable-speed pumps dramatically save electricity and last longer than single-speed models. Likewise, upgraded pool heaters heat water far more economically and sustain desired temperatures better. Investing in this new technology ensures your pool water stays sparkling clean, comfortable to swim in, and enjoyable year-round with less effort and cost on your part.

Enhance the Pool Deck 

The pool deck is often overlooked, but refreshing this area protects your investment. Replacing broken or lifted pavers and tiles around the pool gives the whole area a fresh foundation. Consider new deck materials like decorative concrete, stamped concrete, bricks, or travertine. Or install new coping around the pool if the current material is damaged. 

Install a New Pool Tile

Replacing your existing pool tiles is an easy and affordable way to modernise and personalise your pool’s look. Outdated tiles can be swapped out for new tiles in your choice of creative colours, patterns, and materials like glass or porcelain to match your taste. It’s simple to put your own stamp on your pool by using tiles to create borders, accents, depth markers, or even bottom designs. 

Update Pool Lighting

Say goodbye to the harsh glare of outdated white incandescent bulbs. Welcome modern LED lights in any colour you desire for amazing effects in your backyard oasis. Underwater pool lighting paired with outdoor landscape lighting creates a resort-like backyard in the evenings for evening swims.  

Add Fun Features 

Personalise your pool with fun upgrades like water features, slides, or lounge areas. Waterfalls and fountains add soothing sights and sounds, while bubble jets provide relaxation. Poolside pergolas with drapes provide shade, while pool bars with stools offer party potential. The options are endless when creating your ideal backyard escape. 

The Bottom Line

Breathing new life into a tired pool is extremely rewarding. With a well-thought-out combination of renovations like resurfacing, tile replacement, equipment upgrades, or lighting enhancements, you can utterly transform your backyard. The strategic fixes will restore and modernise your pool for years of summertime enjoyment. Don’t forget to also establish consistent upkeep like chemical checking, brushing, and filter cleaning. Taking care of your refreshed pool ensures it maintains a freshly updated look season after season.