5 Benefits You Get From Using Oil Control Moisturizer 

When you have oily skin, it can feel like you can never quite get your skin dry – which is ironic, as it’s actually dryness that’s causing the problem. In an attempt to address its lack of moisture, the sebum glands overproduce oil, giving your skin a greasy and oil texture. The good news is that a good oil control moisturizer can help your skin regain balance. 

The reason why products like these are so effective is that they offer a range of skin benefits – most notably, the confidence to moisturize the skin (i.e. give your skin much-needed hydration) without the fear of causing breakouts. Here, we look at five advantages that come along with their use.

Five Reasons You Should Use Oil Control Moisturizer

So, let’s look at five of the biggest advantages you get when you include oil control moisturizer in your skincare routine. They include the following. 

#1 – It Helps to Clear the Skin 

When people with oily skin skip the moisturizing step of their skincare routine, they leave it vulnerable to dryness and more sebum being produced. When you use water-based oil control products, it stops this unhelpful reaction while also delivering the necessary moisture to keep the skin clear and healthy.

#2 – Your Pores Won’t Get Clogged

Regular moisturizers are known to clog the pores of people with oily skin – hence the reason that they start avoiding them. However, oil-control products like these are non-comedogenic, meaning that they’re designed NOT to block hair follicles in the same way. As such, their use does not contribute to someone getting more zits appearing. 

#3 – Your Skin Will Look Brighter 

Many of these products don’t just offer hydration to the skin. They also tend to contain free-radical-busting antioxidants like vitamin C and Vitamin E. That’s why their regular use tends to result in brighter skin that looks younger. There’s an added benefit with vitamin E, in that it helps to boost collagen production, which makes your skin plumper. 

#4 – They Offer a Protective Skin Barrier 

While it’s best to wear sunscreen when you go outside, it’s not something that everyone remembers to do. However, when vitamins C & E are applied to the skin in oil-controlling moisturizers, they serve to provide a protective barrier against UV rays. 

#5 – You’ll Look Younger

Ultimately, the reason why people engage in skincare routines is to look younger for longer. The only way you can guarantee that you will keep your youthful look is by giving your skin the right amount of hydration – and these products make that possible. Combined with drinking sufficient amounts of water each day, you’ll undoubtedly hold on to your youthful looks for much longer. 

Why Not Add Some Oil Control Moisturizer to Your Routine?

If you find yourself stuck in that overproduction cycle where your skin is constantly having to cope with the fact that you’re not using moisturizer, a different approach is needed. By using gentle, water-based products like these, you can take the burden off your skin and provide yourself with relief.

By adding the right product for the job to your bathroom inventory, you can give your skin plenty of H20 without having to worry about spots. Now that’s something to think about if you’re yet to try it.