5 Symptoms of Stress in the Modern World

Chronic stress can affect your behavior, mind, and overall physical health. Interestingly, stress also has some positive aspects. It encourages you to accept challenges and gives you the strength to protect yourself. However, too much stress causes adverse effects on your body. But, how will you know that you are stressed?

Sleep Problems

Stress can lead to chronic insomnia and lack of sleep. It happens because stress increases the cortisol level, and you cannot fall asleep easily. There are other reasons why stress disturbs your sleep.

  • Stress results in tensed-up muscles, which prevent you from having peaceful sleep.
  • Another effect of stress is the problem with the digestive system. So, you may experience diarrhea and an upset stomach. These issues will prevent you from having sound sleep.
  • While decent sleep needs a slowed heart rate, stress accelerates the rate.


After intense physical activities, it is normal to feel tired. However, stress-related fatigue differs from feeling drowsy or being tired. Due to fatigue, you will continuously feel a lack of energy and motivation. If stress is the reason behind your fatigue, you will also experience muscle aching and headache.

You will also feel mental exhaustion that prevents you from managing different real-life situations. Although many people consider these effects normal, you should be careful.


Another symptom of stress is depression or mood disorder. The term ‘stress’ reminds you of negative emotions. Good stress prepares you to face challenges and improves your mood. However, long-term stress is harmful and causes depression. Again, depression will lead to a lack of concentration and loss of appetite. You may also find issues with your relationship if you feel depressed and stressed. 

Do exercise to overcome the problem of depression and stress. It is also essential to control caffeine intake and avoid drinking alcohol.

Diarrhea and Constipation

When you are under pressure or stress, you may feel some stomach symptoms. Some people think that diarrhea is caused only by bacteria. However, stress is another factor that causes this issue.

Every individual responds differently to stress hormones in his gut. While many people experience diarrhea, others have constipation. Other common physical symptoms of stress are bloating, nausea, and stomach pain.

Stress has the potential to affect the normal functioning of neurotransmitters in your bowel. Due to the issues with your normal bowel function, you will have constipation and other complications. 

Blurred Eyesight

People with chronic stress and long-term anxiety often have eye strain. When you feel stressed, it causes pressure on your eyes. That is why you may have problems like blurred vision. Besides, some people experience eye twitching, dry eyes, and wet eyes. 

So, these are some common signs of stress. Some people try to take medications to control stress. But, to avoid stress, you can choose some natural stress management techniques, such as coloring. For instance, you may use printable adult coloring pages to alleviate your stress and its adverse effects. A slight modification to your lifestyle may also help you manage stress.