5 Ways Keeping a Journal Can Help You Grow Spiritually

Spirituality is a cornerstone of happiness. It focuses on tuning into your inner self and finding balance with your spirit and body. Some people seek spiritual enlightenment through psychic and medium sessions, such as automatic writing psychic readings. While seeking mentorship and advice from outside sources is OK and can help you grow spiritually, true growth is a personal process.

Journaling is among the best tools for self-reflection and spiritual enlightenment. The world comes at you so fast that it is often too challenging to process every experience in real-time. A journal offers the opportunity to weigh and measure every experience and allow it to heighten your spiritual awareness.

1. Helps You Practice Gratitude

One of the cornerstones of spirituality is gratitude. Gratitude is the acceptance that there is something greater than yourself that carries influence over your life. 

That greater influence does not need to be a deity or the universe as a whole. You can find the influence in the relationships you have with friends, family, and acquaintances.

A journal allows you to write down the things, people, and experiences you are grateful for. The physical act of writing helps solidify these things in the forefront of your mind, allowing them to be motivators and focal points of prayer or meditation.

2. Narrows Focus on What’s Meaningful to You

The best channeled readings help clients focus on the people and experiences that are most important to them, blocking out the noise and clutter. A journal can help you do the same thing.

If you ever feel overwhelmed with work or some problem in a relationship, set aside 15 minutes to write in your journal. The primary focus of the activity is finding the things you love about your job or your partner.

How does either thing make you feel empowered and capable? How does each increase your belief in something outside of yourself?

3. Helps You Process Your Emotions

One of the worst things you can do for your spirituality is to react with pure emotion. Most of the time, when people act on impulse or instinct, they say or do things they regret. Never act without first processing the situation.

Writing something down allows you to analyze it and criticize it. You can make more rational and healthy decisions by taking time to assess your feelings and the situation, which is better for your spirit.

4. Allows You To Prepare for Meditation

Whether you want to meditate on the readings for LEO or reflect on your current emotional state, journaling can help you prepare for meditation and reflection. Open your journal to a clean page and dump everything onto the page. You want to clear your mind of any distracting thoughts.

Brain dumping is the act of releasing intrusive thoughts and ideas and permitting yourself to relax and focus. The journal allows you to clear your mind without losing crucial ideas or thoughts.

5. Promotes Self-Awareness and Reflection

Journaling also helps to promote self-awareness and reflection. You get to take the time to evaluate your day and your actions, focusing on how to improve behavior and show appreciation.

Journaling is a cornerstone of self-expression and a tool for spirituality. Contact a local psychic to learn more about the practice or to schedule a reading.