6 Surprisingly Affordable Car Rental Options in Dubai That Offer a Lot of Luxury

Dubai is not just about spending big and enjoying the most premium lifestyle. Also, a lot can be done with a much smaller budget while still having fun in this amazing city. Of course, luxury has different levels. The more you are ready to pay, the more luxury and opulence you can get. A service like Audi for rent in Dubai is a staple when it comes to luxury.

Also, many other affordable cars will offer surprisingly high levels of luxury as well. However, selecting the right type and size of car for your trip is a vital choice too. Whether you are on a vacation in Dubai or planning a local weekend getaway, the car or vehicle you drive will have a huge impact on the overall experience. So, here are some affordable cars to consider that will offer great luxury features too:

Can’t Go Wrong with the BMW 3 Series

BMW cars have always been the pinnacle of success. These German cars are at the top of sportiness and luxury combined into one package. However, the top BMWs like the 7 Series, or the M Spec may be too expensive to rent. Conversely, the BMW 3 Series will provide the perfect balance between luxury and affordability. It is a nice and compact car with sporty features and a luxury package to be proud of. Also, the BMW 3 Series is a very attractive car offering great value for money. It will not be the most affordable car to rent. However, the 3 Series will provide the best drive at its price point.

Elegant, Agile, and Compact Audi A3

The Audi A3 is a compact luxury sedan that offers surprisingly high luxury features. Also, this easy-to-drive compact car packs quite a performance punch as well. Usually, you will not expect high performance from such a small car. However, its low-weight profile combined with Audi’s engineering mastery in terms of the power-terrain delivers highly. You will find the Audi A3 a perfect balance between performance, luxury, and affordability for any road trip in Dubai and across the UAE.

The Luxury of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The Mercedes-Benz brand has always been one of the leading luxury car names in the world. Also, the Mercedes Maybach or the regular 7 Series and large SUVs might be out of reach when on a budget. So, look at the Mercedes C Class to make your road trip or vacation much more exciting. It is the perfect sedan when you are not looking to spend big but still want high levels of luxury and comfort. Equipped with German goodness, the C Class is a perfect cat for business and family trips.

Budget Volvo S60 with Luxury

The Volvo S60 is a luxury sedan known for its highly premium Scandinavian design. This car also boasts advanced safety features and exceptional comfort. An elegant exterior, luxurious interior, and impressive performance are all evident with the S60. It offers a premium driving experience at a surprisingly affordable price in Dubai. Renting a Volvo S60 allows tourists and locals to explore the city’s diverse attractions with peace of mind and style. Also, it is one of the most comfortable cars as well.

Dynamic, Powerful, and Stylish Infiniti Q50

The Infiniti brand is usually associated with spacious SUVs and large vehicles. However, those big ones have not come down in price yet. So, the best option when on a budget is the amazing Infiti Q50. It is a compact sedan that offers great luxury and comfort features as well. Also, this Japanese car is equipped with the latest comfortable seats and suspension system you expect. It will make business trips or family tours much more amazing, luxurious, and memorable wherever you decide to take it.

Try the Amazing Lexus IS

The Lexus IS combines affordability with luxury and reliability. This car is an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers, tourists, and locals in Dubai. The Lexus IS has an iconic striking design that makes it stand out from the rest. When you consider luxury car rental Dubai options on a budget, the Lexus IS is surely one of the top contenders. Also, it is one of the cars that is often available with discounted prices as well. So, you can travel around the city very affordably while benefiting from top luxury features.

Bottom Line

Luxury cars don’t have to be expensive. The likes of Mercedes S Class, Rolls Royce, and other exotic ones will cost a fortune to rent. However, affordable luxury cars like Audi A3, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class, Lexus IS, and Infiniti Q50 have a lot to offer as well. These specialized cars do not compromise on luxury while offering an affordable traveling experience in a luxury city like Dubai. Your experience with any of these abovementioned affordable luxury cars will be one to remember.