7 Must-Try Dab Wax Flavors: Latest Trends in Cannabis

Using cannabis can have multiple effects on the body depending on the product you use and how you use it. One of the ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis is to use dab wax of different flavors, which are suitable for addressing various issues.

The benefits are due to the THC and CBD effects extracted from the various cannabis strains used in the dab wax.

Besides the CBD and flavored THC vape effects, you must select dab wax of different flavors to make the vaping experience fun and long-lasting.

The market is filled with various dab wax flavor options for you to select from; therefore, you can focus on your needs, decide on taste and vaping experience then select from the options available.

Here are some dab wax options to consider.

1. Extract Labs Shatter Dabs

The purest dab wax is usually extracted through various processes, such as butane extraction. This is critical for boosting purity, strengths, and effects on the users. Besides the strong effects, they have the greatest flavors, mainly caramel and candy which leave lasting and memorable tastes and scents.

When selecting the best shatter dab wax, you can select them based on the colors such as golden, amber, green, and black terpene profile. The inclusion of terpenes is also ideal for boosting the dab wax cannabis concentration and profile and effects on the body.

Notably, the concentration of cannabinoids is estimated to be 80% making it one of the most potent dab wax to consider. To vaporize the shatter, you need the most potent dab rigs that can heat up to 6000F

For a high-strength dab wax, consider the amber and golden dab wax, which is mainly suitable for pros. The green ones are neutral in terms of effects and strength, but you still need to observe the amount you consume to avoid extreme effects. Another advantage to using them is the THC and CBD concentration. It can help with pain management, sleep, mental, and relaxation.

2. URB Delta 8 Dab Wax

One of the reasons to go for a wax dab is the ability to enjoy lasting and the best flavors, especially if one of these flavors is watermelon, banana, and Maui Wowie.

The dabs have the best ratings, and based on user reviews, the flavors and dabs have an effect and strength rating of about 9.5. they are smooth, and the taste and flavors last longer. Since you can select from various flavors, you can select from either flavor.

Based on third-party laboratory tests, they are some of the purest and most high-quality dabs to vape. The scents may be neutral; however, they taste great. Unlike other dabs, they are oil-like, making them thicker, highly potent, and require high-temperature heating to feel the full cannabis effects.

3. ELYXR – Hybrid Wax Dabs

If you love hybrid cannabis strains and their effects, try this dab wax. The CBD: THC ratios are similar, and you can have multiple benefits from using this wax. Due to the balance, they are relatively safer to use for amateurs needing potent and reliable wax. The hybrid strains used to make the dabs include purple punch, Green ape, OG cake, and other options.

Notably, the flavor from these dab wax is one of a kind; they taste sour yet very refreshing. The flavors are due to the combination of indica strains like sour diesel and trainwreck, a sativa. You can choose from the lemon or mint flavors to further boost the taste and flavors.

As you vape, the flavors and taste are sour and have a chilling yet refreshing effect on the vaper. Due to the hybrid and flavor effect, these dabs have smooth and calming effects on the users.

4. Exhale Wellness Delta 8 THC Shatter Wax

Vegans can appreciate the impact of these dab wax due to the composition of natural hemp with no chemical additives and preservatives. All these products are laboratory tested, and the fruit flavors used are mainly extracted from organic sources, making it one of the most sustainable and all-natural dab wax.

Due to the purity levels, it’s easier to get so high on the effects; hence you need to use limited amounts. If you love the smell of grapes, try this dab wax; however, monitor the type of strains used. Some of these strains, such as OG Kush and Purple Punch, tend to have high effects unsuitable for newbies.

5. iHemp CBD Dabs

When feeling exhausted, stressed, and anxious, you need a little to calm you down and get you back on track. Their profile effects are further boosted by including terpenes used as a major ingredient. After vaping, you experience happiness, stress-free life, and sometimes euphoria based on the amounts consumed.

When struggling to get good sleep due to pain and inflammation, you need the most potent CBD dab wax for pain relief. Besides the rapid impact on pain, they also have amazing tastes. The main ingredients include White Widow, skunk, Glookies, and Sunday Driver.

They are available in different options, with CBD concentrations ranging from 56 to 90.1%. Therefore, they are suitable for intense pains and not friendly to newbies.


When selecting the right cannabis dab wax, consider certain factors such as potency, your experience using cannabis, flavor options, and anticipated benefits. Additionally, exploring complementary options like shop gold bali kratom can broaden your choices for potential benefits and effects.

Based on these factors, you can select hybrid, THC, and cannabis dab wax to address various issues or for certain benefits. Regardless of the option selected, be careful about the dosage to avoid extreme cannabis effects.

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