A Comprehensive Guide to Beer Glassware Types

Many people consider drinking from a bottle to look cool, but if you want to explore the flavors and taste of beer –get a glass for yourself.

It is always a great time to have a beer in your hands. But to uplift the experience of beer, you need to delve into the best craft beer glass types to find the best match for yourself. 

To give you an overview of the types, here is a list of glass types that you can read on:

Pint (Nonic Glass)

The first type is a Pint glass, and many Australians are familiar with this. The shape of the glass helps clumsy beer drinkers from spilling the content inside. 

The wide mouth holds the foam. If you are choosing this type of glass, ensure that it is not too strong to drink out of this one. Nowadays, it is one of the most used glasses to serve beer. 

Glass Jars or Mugs 

These are sturdy and made of thick glass, especially to handle large capacities. The handle is here to help the holder to prevent giving the heat to the cold beer.

They are designed to toast without breaking. You can find them in the form of inverted conical glasses or in the shape of a smooth jar with dimples.

Pilsner Glass 

These glasses are the tallest and in the shape of a slender but smaller than a pint. Their function is to capture the effervescent and golden color of the beer.

This type of glass helps the beer to hold the foam and aroma so the drinker gets the best flavors till the last sip. 

Tube (Stange)

It is also a cylindrical, long, and little narrow German glass that preserves well the adhesion of the foam. The stange is the ideal glass to serve more delicate beers. It helps amplify the nuance of malt. 

It is suitable for drinking several types of beer.


It is a curved tulip-shaped design that favors and captures the aromatic qualities of a beer. While its tight mouth helps in the formation of a thick layer of foam.

This will give you the opportunity to drink a beer with intensity, hoppy flavors, or high degrees of alcohol.


These types of glasses are originally from Germany. These glasses are famous for serving beers that are made of wheat. The glass is narrow at the bottom but wider at the top. This gives control to the copious foam.

Due to its elongated shape, it quickly catches the aroma, and it is visually highly pleasant. If you are into wheat beer –this glassware will be the best fit for you to experience the taste.


It is often confused with a glass of champagne as it is designed to hold the qualities of champagne. These glasses allow room for the intense aroma and presentation of beer. These glasses are tall and have a long, thin stem. 

This way, you can drink your beer without getting into contact with the container, so the temperature remains maintained.