A Phuket Hotel that Provides Balance to Your Vacation 

Find Some Balance in Your Phuket Hotel

Many people visiting Phuket for the first time are disappointed with their chosen hotel. This problem is especially prevalent with families. Everyone in the family may have different interests, and finding a hotel that suits everyone can be challenging. Some people may be looking forward to simply laying by the pool and soaking up the sun, while others may be looking forward to experiencing all the famous nightlife of Phuket. The younger members of the family may want to try the island’s many water sports.

What’s needed is a Phuket hotel that’s ideally located to allow everyone the freedom to pursue their own ideal vacation. But a hotel in Phuket that offers the perfect balance to please everyone in the family isn’t such a rarity. You just have to know where to look. 

Discover Thavorn Palm Beach Resort

If you were to take a bird’s-eye view of the west coast of Phuket, you’d see a number of beaches divided from one another by headlands. If you looked a little closer, you’d see the main town on the west coast of Phuket – Patong Beach. 

Patong Beach is the nightlife mecca of Phuket. The town’s Bangla Road features some of the best bars and nightclubs you’ll find anywhere in the world. Just over the hill, about a 10 to 15-minute drive to the south of Patong Beach, you’ll find the wide sands and natural beauty of Karon Beach. Karon Beach is a world away from Patong Beach in terms of atmosphere. Where Patong Beach is a nightlife hotspot with thumping music, lights and traffic, Karon Beach is peaceful and serene. Karon Beach is also the home of the perfect Phuket hotel for vacationing families – Thavorn Palm Beach Resort. 

Perfect Location and Facilities 

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort offers one of the best locations and a variety of facilities that make it the ideal destination for active families who want to try a variety of experiences on their vacation without having to travel all over the island. 

For the younger members of the family, our resort right on Karon Beach offers thrilling giant water slides, a petting zoo and a kid’s play room. For couples, we have beautiful botanical gardens within our 12-acre resort grounds that are the perfect backdrop for a romantic vacation getaway in paradise. 

For the young adult members of the family, Patong Beach and its nightlife scene are just a short drive away. You can spend a sunset dinner with the other family members and then venture into Patong Beach to dance the night away. 

Don’t think we’re forgotten about the parents. We have three huge swimming pools on our grounds and three pool bars offering a variety of cold drinks to relax with beside the pool. We also have eight bar and dining outlets in our resort hotel to keep you satisfied on your Phuket vacation. 

Book a Family Vacation in Karon Beach

This year, why not book a family vacation that everyone can enjoy by choosing Thavorn Palm Beach Resort in Karon Beach, Phuket? Contact us today to book your stay and discover the perfect location for active families to enjoy a tropical vacation.