Does Breast Shape Affect Bra Type?

You understand that the style, fit and support of your bras can impact how you look and feel. Like most women, you have probably tested many different bras throughout your life. However, all womens bras are not flattering or comfortable for every woman. Often, your breast shape impacts the types of bras that work best for you.

The Right Bra Makes a Difference on Breast Shape

Women have a wide variety of boob sizes and shapes. No one set of breasts is exactly like another. In addition, your breast size and shape can change as you mature.

When you choose the right bra, your breasts are fully supported. You won’t experience gaping or overflow of the breast tissues above your bra. You also won’t find the band too tight or too loose. The bra will also help you smooth or hide imperfections and create a silhouette that makes your clothing look great.

Breast Shapes and Best Bras for Each

Your next task is to consider your breast shape.

Relaxed Breasts

Relaxed breasts tend to be long. The tissues are also softer and the nipples often point downward. Try bras with underwire or wireless bras with additional elastic for supports and lifts. To prevent spillage, choose the right cup size. Also, look for options with a wide back.

Athletic Breasts

Athletic breasts are wider and firmer. They often have more muscle and less fat. Start with a t-shirt bra with memory foam cups. You can also choose bras with cups that mold to your breasts, such as those with added stretch or elastic in the cups.

Asymmetrical Breasts

If you have one breast that is larger than the other, you may have asymmetrical breasts. You need a bra that balances your breasts. The best options often have removable inserts, prosthetics or elastic cups. Padded and plunge bras can be good options because they angle your breasts.

Slender Breasts

Slender breasts tend to be small and long. If you have slender breasts, consider a bra that pushes them up and inward, such as a plunge bra that contours and shapes.

East West and Side Set Breasts

Are your breasts wide-set with nipples that point in different directions (east and west)? Side-set breasts are often heavier and fuller than east-west breasts. Do you find that you rarely have cleavage? You need a bra that has side supports that reinforce the cups of your bra so your breast tissue does not push out under your arms. Choose padded or plunge bras because their angle pushes your breasts closer together, giving you cleavage.

Bell-and Teardrop-Shaped Breasts

Bell-and teardrop-shaped breasts have full bottoms and slim tops, but teardrop breasts tend to have a gentler bottom curve. Consider a full-coverage, underwire bra that will lift your breasts. You can choose a padded bra or one with elastic cup material that molds to your breasts.

Round Breasts

Round breasts have equal tissue at both the top and bottom. They don’t always need significant coverage, so wireless bras, such as balconette styles, are great options. Also, consider bras with molded round cups.

Although it may take some trial and error, you can find the best bra for breast shape. Take your time and find the bra that best enhances your assets.