Enhanced Safety: LED Brake Light Strips for Your Ride

Improving visibility and safety should be a top priority for all drivers. One great way to enhance the safety of your vehicle is by installing LED brake light strips. These accessory lights provide additional stopping power signals to help prevent rear-end collisions.

What are LED Brake Light Strips?

LED brake light strips are elongated lights that mount across the rear windshield or on the body panels along the rear of a vehicle. They tie into the existing brake light circuitry and synchronously illuminate with your standard brake lights when you depress the pedal. Some key benefits of LED brake light strips include:

Brighter Stopping Power

These accessory lights emit a brighter red light than standard incandescent bulbs. This helps grab the attention of drivers behind you when you slow down or stop. The extra luminosity provides a valuable visibility aid, especially for drivers who don’t need to pay more attention or have slower reaction times.

Bold Visual Statement

The elongated shape of the LED brake light strip makes for a bold, eye-catching visual statement. Instead of just two points of the brake light, there is now a span of attention-grabbing lights signalling you are stopping. This hard-to-miss display prompts following drivers to ease off the gas earlier.

Custom Styling Element

While the primary purpose is safety, LED brake light strips provide a modern, customisable styling element. The lights look sleek and technological, enhancing the contemporary appeal of your vehicle’s rear appearance. They can become an integral part of your ride’s unique look.

Why Enhance Your Brake Lights?

While brake lights have been standard equipment for decades, they sometimes need to provide adequate visibility. Enhancing your stop signals with accessories like LED brake light strips helps promote safer driving. Here are some key reasons to upgrade your brake lights:

Prevent Rear Collisions

Additional brake lights help communicate your slowing intentions faster. Quicker reaction times from following drivers reduce the likelihood of rear-end crashes. LED brake light strips are an easy way to signal you are stopping without changing your normal braking behaviour.

Overcome Visual Obstructions

A standard set of brake lights can sometimes become visually obstructed by cargo, bike racks, trailer hitches, and other items attached to your vehicle. This obstruction prevents following vehicles from seeing your brake light activation. The elongated shape and visibility of LED brake light strips overcome many obstructions.

Compensate for Driver Inattention

Unfortunately, many drivers fail to pay full attention to the road. Texting, adjusting music, chatting with passengers, and other distracted behaviours pull the eyes of following drivers away from your brake lights. The enhanced visibility of extra lights helps compensate for these unsafe driving habits and penetratingly recaptures wandering attention.

How to Install LED Brake Light Strips

Installing LED brake light strips is straightforward, similar to installing most other automotive lighting accessories. Here is an overview of the quick installation process:

Select Mounting Location

First, select where you want to mount the lights. Standard placement options include across the upper windshield or along the vehicle’s rear hatch, roof, or trunk lid. Consider visibility and electrical routing when deciding where to mount the strips.

Affix Mounting Brackets

The LED brake light strips come with mounting brackets to adhere the lights to your vehicle’s surface securely. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the mounting surface, remove the adhesive backing and firmly press the brackets onto the vehicle.

Connect Wiring

Run supplied wiring harness along the vehicle’s edges, under interior trim pieces, to connect with existing brake light wiring. This ties the new LED strips into your standard brake light circuit. Use wire clips and wire ties to fasten along the way securely.

Align and Test Lights

Attach LED strips to mounting brackets with complete wiring and align their position. Turn vehicle electronics on to power the system and test proper function by depressing the brake pedal while an assistant verifies synchronised illumination.

While optional, adding LED brake light strips is an easy and effective way to enhance the stopping power visibility and promote safer driving. The addition grabs the eyes of distracted drivers and helps avoid preventable rear-end collisions. Install a set to amplify your brake light signals stylishly!


Upgrading your brake lights with LED strips is an easy and affordable way to make the roads safer for yourself and others. Their eye-catching illumination and style will turn heads, while their synchronised activation with your standard lights provides an extra visual alert that you are stopping. By commanding attention on the road and compensating for inattentive drivers, LED brake light strips help prevent avoidable rear-end accidents. Install a set to enhance your ride’s safety and visual allure all in one impactful upgrade. With form and function on their side, LED strips are an essential accessory that every ride should have.