Exploring 5 Popular Themes for Creative Custom Keycap Designs


Custom mechanical keyboards are becoming increasingly popular, allowing people to express their style and personality through their keyboard. One of the best ways to customize a mechanical keyboard like turning it into an anime keyboard by using custom keycap sets. From colors to material to themes, the options for custom keycaps are endless. Choosing the right theme can be tricky though. This article will discuss 5 of the best themes for custom keycap sets that can help inspire your next custom keyboard design.

Retro Theme

A retro theme keycap set is a great option for those feeling nostalgic. Keycap sets with bright neon colors, pixel art, and themes paying homage to old school technology embody the retro style. For example, keycaps featuring pixelated Mario characters or old school game controllers tap right into gaming nostalgia from the 80s and 90s. Retro keycap sets are bold, funky, and perfect for gamers or anyone who loves all things vintage. The novelty of the theme and bright colors makes retro keycaps a fun statement piece to liven up any desktop.

Minimalist Theme

On the opposite end of the spectrum, minimalist keycap sets are ideal for those who prefer a clean, modern aesthetic. Rather than bright colors or complex designs, minimalist keycaps focus on simple colors, shapes, and fonts. Keycaps are often single color and feature plain lettering. Sets may also incorporate gentle gradients or basic iconography rather than complex illustrations. The simplicity creates a sophisticated, stylish look perfect for modern workspaces. Minimalist keycap sets are also easier to match with more types of computer builds.

Nature Theme

Nature themes encompass organic shapes and earthy elements like plants, animals, water, and wood. Keycaps may directly reference elements like flowers or trees with illustrations or photography. More abstract sets have color schemes and textures inspired by nature. For example, ocean-themed keycaps may feature gradients of blues and greens or wave/water textures. Wood-themed sets can incorporate actual wood materials or wood grain patterns. Nature themes add a unique, organic vibe perfect for environmentalists or nature lovers. They also pair exceptionally well with natural/earth toned computer builds.

Sci-Fi Theme

Sci-fi themes lend themselves perfectly to imaginative keyboard customization with endless design possibilities. Vibrant galactic colors, futuristic landscapes, aliens, spaceships, astrology icons, and more encapsulate the sci-fi aesthetic. Glow-in-the-dark keycaps can enhance the otherworldly vibe even more. Sci-fi themes range from cute/cartoon styles featuring aliens and planets to darker mechanical themes involving complex machinery. This versatility allows the theme to be tailored to varying tastes – from young tech enthusiasts to hardcore gamers. The creativity of sci-fi inspires keyboard designs that are truly astronomical.

Artisan Theme

Artisan keycap sets revolve around decorative craft styling rather than specific color schemes or imagery. The hallmarks of artisan keycaps are high quality, handmade materials and sculptural shaping, resulting in keycaps that look like mini works of art. Common artisan materials include clay, glass, wood, marble, and more, shaped into unique profiles versus standard keycap shaping. Smooth sculpted shaping, visible craft details like modeling marks, and layered color gradients define the artisan style. With endless options for custom materials and sculpting effects, each artisan set has an incredible sense of warmth, weight, and one-of-a kind personality befitting a custom keyboard centerpiece.


The sheer amount of possible customizations for mechanical keyboards like GMK67 is part of what makes the hobby so enjoyable. But choosing a keycap set theme can make the process much smoother and help narrow things down stylistically. Whether your tastes run more retro, minimalist, natural, sci-fi, or artisan theme, identifying the overarching aesthetic is a great starting pointing for conceptualizing that perfect keyboard. Keep these 5 best keycap themes in mind when designing your next custom mechanical keyboard masterpiece.