Five Useful Websites For Army Person

In the current digital era, websites are becoming a vital resource for communicating with prospective recruits, giving veterans and service members information, and disseminating news, updates, and tales about the armed forces· 

What Are The Features OF A good Website

Below features are essential for a good website

  • A well-designed website should include menu selections that are clear and simple to understand· Users may now quickly and easily locate the information they need without getting bogged down in a web of pages thanks to this·
  • The ability of a website to adjust to the size of the screen it is viewed on is crucial as an increasing number of users are visiting websites via mobile devices· This guarantees a satisfactory experience for consumers, irrespective of the device they use·
  • People will be drawn in and want to remain on a visually attractive website to discover more· High-quality photos and videos, together with a neat and professional layout, may help accomplish this·
  • All users, including those with impairments, should be able to access a website· Keyboard navigation, strong contrast, alternate text for pictures, and other accessibility features may all help accomplish this·

Here Are Five Useful Websites For Army Person 

1. U.S. Air Force

The website of the United States Air Force, www·airforce·com, has an elegant and contemporary layout that effectively highlights the Air Force’s capabilities via superior photographs and videos· The site allows you to customize your experience with a natural language form, sophisticated graphical options, and an eye-catching video backdrop· The user experience is guaranteed by the website’s ease of use and responsiveness· The only thing I could find fault with it would be the all-caps headlines, which make it more difficult to read, but aesthetics often take precedence over functionality·

2. Army National Guard

Large, bold font and strong color contrast are used on the Army National Guard website (www·nationalguard·com), which is beneficial for accessibility· Its site has a video backdrop slider that increases the likelihood that a visitor would remain interested· Bad usability has led to the demise of sliders and carousels, however this one seems to succeed because of the additional video backdrop and big numbers· The search and call-to-action buttons are well marked, and the website is easy to navigate· 

3. Hamraaz website

The Indian Armed Forces community is the target audience for the Hamraaz web· They may quickly see their salary data and get the necessary documents thanks to it· Their information is kept confidential and protected· They can access crucial information more quickly on our website, which simplifies things for them· It greatly facilitates the smooth operation of their workplace· Users may easily navigate the website and quickly and effectively discover the information they need because to its user-friendly layout· It represents a major advancement in the military forces’ digital empowerment by improving their capacity to securely and conveniently handle their professional information·

4. U.S. Army

High-quality photography is emphasized in the contemporary and eye-catching design of the US Army’s website, www·goarmy·com· A mega-menu with images to accompany each segment is used for navigating· It is a little frustrating because, unlike the two websites mentioned above, none of the videos are showcased on the homepage, even though the site has a sizable video area·

5. U.S. Navy

Similar to the previous three, the United States Navy website (www·navy·com) has excellent pictures together with large, strong language and vibrant colors· With three layers, the primary navigation may become a little complex, yet it still seems contemporary and intuitive· The three key fast wins I would do to make it better are to make the button hovers more visually appealing, shorten the time it takes for the main navigation to fly in, and give the hero a more engaging action video·


These websites are not only an invaluable resource, but they also provide individuals a place to interact and exchange stories·


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