Growth Market Reports Perspective on Creative Software

In software development, creativity is essential as it helps developers to create software products that benefit businesses. The creative software industry’s growth depends on the rise in demand for audio assets and designs. The increasing use of the following platforms including Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and others makes it easier for industries to streamline their businesses.  

The rise of social media content creators is paving the way for the creative software industry. With the increasing number of content creators nowadays, the industry is experiencing a boost in the use of various software to make videos and images as these are an essential part of marketing in social media. Research shows that almost 50.5% of visual content is an important part of the marketing strategy, which increases their market value. 

Uses of Creative Software in Various Industries 

The newly integrated technologies are opening new possibilities for the industry. Software should always be user-friendly which enables a user to function more efficiently with less error. There are several industries that use software for design purposes, for instance, Adobe Creative Cloud software is used by nearly 173,552 users with a market share of 15% worldwide.

Cloud-based solutions in software help to store a vast amount of data with internet connectivity. Small businesses rely on cloud solutions as they access information anywhere with the internet, hence in case of data theft or some other issues industries always rely on cloud solutions. When it comes to design, a software company always deploys cloud-based solutions, as the designs are a crucial part of their business. For instance, according to the 2021 Annual Data Breach Report, the overall number of data compromises (1,862) is up more than 68 percent compared to 2020. Thus, it is important to look over the safety and security of the industry data. 

Is Artificial Intelligence becoming a new opportunity? 

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence is developing in the industry with new opportunities. Several AI tools are used to complete the task with more speed and efficiency. It allows greater optimization of a large amount of data; the AI algorithm analyses demographic data and user online behaviors for personalizing graphic elements of a website. It results in a more impactful visual experience for users. 

There are some key players that are further launching AI tools in their systems to help fasten their workflow more efficiently. For instance, in March 2023, the creative software company Canva launched AI tools in their system for the purpose of empowering people to design easily. The company further provided recommendations for layouts and pictures, and automatically translated the text in designs to over 100 different languages. 

Key Companies competing in the Creative Software Space

Below are some of the key market players that are providing their best services with new technologies.


Adobe is a graphics software company that provides services to creative professionals, officially known as Adobe Systems. The leading products of Adobe include Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, Creative Cloud, and others. The company is continuously working to improve its services with new launches and developments. 

In September 2023, Adobe released an all-new, AI-powered Creative Cloud with the availability of its generative AI abilities which is integrated in the Adobe Creative Cloud and in apps such as Illustrator and Photoshop. It further unveils Adobe Express Premium, Adobe Firefly, and new features in Premiere Pro and After Effects to design and create in more new ways.


Wacom is a technology solution consisting of digital pen solutions for manufacturing tablets, smartphones, and PCs. The Ink division develops digital Wacom Inc. technologies and related products, software solutions, and services across all businesses. Creators and designers choose Wacom Creative Pen to meet important deadlines and complete them quickly. Furthermore, new product launches and partnerships by the company are creating new possibilities for them.   

In August 2023, Wacom Co, Ltd., announced that its new digital pen technology has been acquired by Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Z Fold5, which offers a truly unique foldable experience. The Galaxy Tab S9 series allows users immense possibilities to capture and express ideas freely.  


Creativity comes with analyzing problems and finding the best possible result of it, there comes creative software that helps a designer in showing their best potential. Creative software helps an organization in terms of marketing strategies, as it allows designers to create various designs for business purposes. Graphic design, animation, and video editing help an organization stand out in front of other competitors. Moreover, advanced features including real-time editing and visual effects enable users to work efficiently and achieve better results which creates market opportunities in the coming future.