How Much is the Average Wedding in the UK?

When it comes to wedding preparation, there are many things to consider, such as the photographer, caterer, flowers, and attire. What is the average cost of a wedding in the United Kingdom?

Average wedding venue cost

If you don’t know anybody with a barn, marquee, or big hall, this fee is inevitable. UK law restricts where you may marry; thus, you must pay for an official location. The average cost is £8,400. If you don’t want a stately mansion, there are cheaper alternatives. Many individuals get married at a registry office and have the major reception elsewhere, saving them money on a luxury venue. Whether it’s a family garden or a grand estate, start a wedding fund. Urban Weddings offers blank canvas wedding venues at an affordable price. So, check with them for the venue.  

What does a church wedding cost?

A church wedding typically costs £530–£640. Flowers, bells, organ, and chorus may be added. More crucially, church marriages are restricted, so if you want a religious service, check.

How much does a wedding at a registrar’s office cost?

Weddings at the local registrar’s office are substantially cheaper. The location may cost £200+, whereas a typical UK register office ceremony is only £46. Requesting the registrar to travel might increase costs. Hiring a registrar costs £46 at a registration office and £86 in a registered religious facility. Pricing is consistent throughout; however, some local councils may charge extra on weekends or provide different-priced rooms. Registry office weddings cost between £200 and £1,000. Always check for additional fees while calculating your budget.

What does a wedding planner cost?

Hiring a wedding planner can help plan your event, with prices varying based on desired services, planner expertise, and event scale.

Average wedding catering cost

Caterers charge £70 per person, but a buffet or food truck can save money. Consider venue fees for tea, coffee, and cake service.

The typical price of a wedding cake

Budget and preferences dictate the type of cake you choose. Wedding cakes, typically priced between £300-£400, can be cut by buying a single cake, shopping at local grocery stores, or hiring a creative partner.

Average cost of wedding flowers

The cost of wedding flowers can vary depending on what you’re after for your big day. If you don’t want table pieces, or a statement arrangement at your venue then prices can start from £350.

Average wedding dress cost

Brides should aim for a dress costing £1,400, including shoes. Using wedding store discounts, high-street alternatives, or secondhand purchases can reduce expenses. Planning for changes is crucial.

Average wedding photographer cost

Most wedding photographers charge £1300–£1700, although expert ones charge more. Even if it costs more, a professional photographer should record your day and save you money by attending the wedding.

Wedding transport charges

Obviously, you must attend your wedding. An elegant wedding automobile costs between £300 and £600. You might also hire a wedding bus or coach to transport guests from the ceremony to the reception. Depending on how many visitors you need to transport and how long, expect to pay £500–£700.

Weekday discounts

Unfortunately, Friday and Saturday weddings cost extra. Midweek weddings are less popular and cheaper. Like the seasons, a winter wedding is cheaper than a summer one, but if you dread the cold, it may not be for you.

So, the typical 2024 couple’s wedding breakdown is provided here. Find out your personalised budget breakdown so you can start preparing!