How To Choose The Best  Gents Pajama Online  

With more and more shopping happening online today, buying sleepwear and loungewear for men online has become very common. While nothing beats being able to see and feel pajamas in person, the convenience, selection, and pricing of online shopping can’t be beaten. The key is knowing what to look for when buying men’s pajamas online to end up with pieces you’ll be happy with. This guide will walk through the top tips for choosing the best gents pajama online.

Consider the Fabric

When viewing men’s pajamas on a website, you can’t feel the fabric. However, paying attention to the fabric content and type listed can give great insight into factors like softness, breathability, durability, and price. Higher quality materials like cotton, flannel, modal, linen, silk, satin, microfiber and lightweight wools tend to offer superior comfort and performance. Be wary of unnamed “poly blends” which may not breathe well or last. Focus first on recognizing quality fabric contents when assessing online pajama sets.

The fabric directly impacts the look, feel and comfort of pajamas. Natural textiles allow better airflow for temperature and moisture control while synthetics and blends prioritize affordability. Read fabric details closely before ordering men’s sleepwear unseen to determine durable, soft PJs you’ll enjoy over years of use. Don’t let a striking design distract from low quality fabrics that won’t be comfy for long.

Check Sizing Charts

Since you can’t try on pajamas when buying online, be sure to consult sizing charts from brands you haven’t purchased from before. Men’s sleepwear sizing varies widely between companies and styles, making checking length, inseam, and waist measurements against your best-fitting existing pajama bottoms essential.

Before adding any new pajama set to your cart, navigate to the size chart from that exact product page. Compare your measurements and preferred fit – tailored, relaxed or loose – against the chart to pick your ideal online sleepwear size for the first time from any retailer. Skipping size chart checks risks needing to ship back ill-fitting pajamas.

Assess Construction

Product photos should provide close up construction shots allowing you to virtually assess workmanship details like stitching, hems, buttons and reinforced stress points. Look for double stitching on seams, clean hemming without loose threads, no shoddy craftsmanship spots around buttons, buttonholes or pocket edges and wash testing notations.

High end men’s sleepwear emphasizes sturdy construction elements producing durable pajamas that hold up well over regular use and laundering. Checking the product images helps determine if the brand invested in sound manufacturing without defects driving early damage issues down the road. Seek out well-made pieces before adding to your online cart.

Match Lifestyle Needs

Think about when and how you’ll use new pajamas before buying them unseen online. If you run warm and need lightweight sleepwear for hot summer weather, avoid flannel and fleece sets. If you experience chills and night sweats, pick moisture wicking, quick drying fabrics. If you lounge around the house, prioritize a relaxed fit for easy movement while tailored PJs work better layering under business clothes to commute.

Choosing the best online pajamas requires considering your lifestyle. Active types want stretch fabrics allowing a full range of motion while bed-bound sleepers need exceptionally soft textures against sensitive skin. Analyze your habits and needs so new sleepwear delivers optimal real life performance. Buying randomly rarely satisfies.

Learn About Laundering

All pajama product listings should provide official care and laundering details. Check if your new set can be machine washed and dried or requires gentle hand washing and flat drying. Find out ideal wash temperatures and if non-chlorine bleaches are permitted. See if you can send out delicate sleepwear to a dry cleaner when needed.

Online care label specifics reduce surprises down the road. Settling on dry clean only silk PJs sounds dreamy until you factor in ongoing specialist cleaning bills. Getting ultra soft cottons only to discover they must be washed separately on gentle cycles also frustrates. So read up on laundry care commitments before clicking purchase on pricey sleepwear.

Read Lots of Reviews

Never decide on new pajama sets before reading multiple third party reviews. Go beyond the brand’s own website to find feedback on unbiased retail, blog or consumer sites. Check if most reviews tell similar stories. Be cautious of totally contradictory experiences not reflected elsewhere or reviews primarily posted the same week.

Opt for pajama sets with mostly four and five star ratings reflecting consistent satisfaction across owners. Pay attention to any consistent complaints signaling dealbreaker issues like ill-fitting cuts, shrinking fabric, loose buttons or ripped seams. Large review volumes with a high percentage of praise signifies safe, beloved products less likely to disappoint.

Seek a Return Policy

Before completing any online pajama purchase, ensure the retailer or brand provides a return policy allowing you to send back unworn sleepwear in original condition for a set timeframe for a full refund. Many companies offer 30 day return windows but check criteria closely.

Clear return policies let you buy with confidence, knowing you can ship back ill-fitting, defective or simply disliked pajamas hassle-free. Just be sure to abide by posted terms like keeping all tags attached, not washing or wearing the PJs, and returning them in original packaging within set deadlines to guarantee your refund.

Take Advantage of Deals

One of the perks of buying pajamas online includes accessing discounts you will never find locally. Sign up for brand and store email lists providing sale alerts, early access to specials and seasonal promotions. Check retailer clearance sections for steep savings on popular pajama sets in limited sizes or colors.

Deal hunting sites also showcase the latest men’s sleepwear offers across brands and products. Comparison shopping helps discover the identical pajama set selling cheaper on a rival website. Ultimately, buying beloved styles already marked down makes getting high-quality men’s sleep sets more affordable.

Scope out Shipping Costs

When evaluating the best online pajama buys, look beyond just the ticket price. Be sure to check full shipping fees at checkout or your cart to accurately compare overall costs especially between vendors. Some companies or products may come with free shipping while others tack on hefty postal fees that handicap good discounts.

Read shipping details closely to calculate true full purchase prices accounting for delivery charges and estimated tax. Unexpected late stage shipping costs amount to unpleasant surprises sabotaging otherwise decent deals. So learn all fees upfront before committing your budget to discounted pajamas with outrageous delivery premiums attached.


While browsing and buying mens lounge pants online requires more effort than grabbing them in stores, taking time to inspect fabrics, construction, fit, care details and crowdsourced reviews pays off. Finding beloved, budget-friendly sleepwear comes down to understanding exactly what you need, spotting warning signs in listings and leveraging conveniences unique to web shopping. Match online pajama sets to your lifestyle, take advantage of discounts and generous refund policies. Follow this guide and soon the world of premium men’s sleepwear comfort awaits just clicks away.