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If you have someday wanted to find out your secret admirer, it is now possible with This platform is known to offer some of the best tools for Instagram tricks, such as viewing who is passing by your account. It does sound complicated at first, but you’ll get along swiftly. Assuming you are new to it, we have reviewed the same place and detailed how you can avail of benefits from it: 


Jnckmedia com is a social media-oriented website with multiple tools and functions for users, including IG followers and likes tracker, Twitter Thread Reader, knowing IG stalkers, downloading videos, etc. Almost all kinds of social media needs are found here, making it an all-rounder platform. So far, it is used mostly by Instagram users and over a million people are desperate to find their admirers. 

Furthermore, Instagram is a big media, and it is obvious that one user is always getting stalked by another. Instagram itself has no relevant feature to analyze stalkers. But not to disappoint you, there are multiple third-party platforms to access these tools. The options are too many, with jnckmedia com being one of them, and supposedly — the best of all. 

How does work? 

Jnckmedia com hosts multiple extra features for Instagram users. Here, you’d have to enter a username and submit for further actions. The program is designed to automatically detect 10 people on Instagram who are frequently viewing your account page. It will describe precisely who’s viewing which posts, stories, live broadcasts, comments, or other activities. Beyond checking out stalkers, it also has other tools, like downloading videos and stories. 

Exploring features of

Jnckmedia com

Jnckmedia com is one single website, but contains multiple services and features under itself; such as: 

  • Instagram Stalker: Perhaps, this is the most liked and best feature of jnckmedia com, that enables one to learn accounts that have been stalking them. This free feature has helped so many people learn who stalks them and how often. For the same, you’ll simply have to visit the website and provide your username to generate the list. 
  • Stories Downloader: As of now, Instagram only allows downloading of personal stories. But with jnckmedia, you can download Instagram stories of other users as well. Once you request the download, jnckmedia will automatically process it and have the story’s content saved in your device gallery. 
  • Likes Panel: Instagram’s engagement rate is the most important when it comes to attracting success. Likes happen to be a great way of increasing the engagement rate, with more likes indicating a better state. Enter the feature of the Likes Panel, that will help you gain hundreds of likes instantly. 
  • Pretty Captions: At the time of posting pictures, an option to input the picture/video caption is visible. You can ignore this step, but we recommend using this space for captions to your advantage. So, try maintaining a good flow of captions and showcase your unique writing abilities. To make it more attractive, use bold, italics, and underline. And if drafting captions is difficult for you, get help from jnckmedia. 
  • Check Users: The check users feature lets you go through your old accounts, and reports if it is still active or dead. You can undertake further steps as per the status of that specific account. 
  • Highlights, IGTV, and Live Downloader: Similar to how you can download stories, jnckmedia has another tool to download other elements. For example, Highlights, IGTV, and live IG without anyone knowing.
  • Single and Multi Download: Having the amazing opportunity to download content is great. But what’s even better is the fact that you can download not just one, but multiple assignments at the same time. This way you can save up both time and effort. 

How can you view stalkers on through a web browser

To begin enjoying the features of jnckmedia com, here is how you’d have to proceed: 

  • Open your favorite web browser, such as Google Chrome, or Firefox, and use its search tool to locate the right website. 
  • The official website is, so you can copy and paste the same.  
  • But before accessing the features, set your account to public, as private accounts won’t have any big of an effect. 
  • Then, coming back to the platform of jnckmedia com, find the space for entering the IG Account Username. 
  • Provide your correct username and confirm that you aren’t a robot through the captcha box. 
  • Upon clicking on submit, you should see the Instagram stalker results. 
  • This result will have a list of accounts, who are found to stalk you. 
  • In case your account is private, the list will have nothing to show. website error 

At times, jnckmedia com might not be working on your device. If so, the remedies to erase difficulties, are as follows: 

  • Enable incognito mode and return to the website. Typically, incognito mode removes cache and cookies stuck in websites and can be helpful in some cases. 
  • Turn on your VPN to lift geographical barriers, if any. 
  • Voluntarily clear Browser cache & History to smoothen up your engine’s junk. 
  • Remove all tabs and try again. 


Knowing who’s stalking you, is interesting and can be of use at times. For all these years, not one tool was available to enlist your stalkers. But that changes now, thanks to This platform has been launched for quite some time and its past users have all things great to say. Besides, its features are completely free to access and a great opportunity of unfolding mysteries lie ahead. 

Faqs About

Q1. Who should use Jnckmedia com? 

Ans: Jnckmedia com is inclusive of the best tools and tricks for availing some out-of-the-box information. For example, if you are an Instagram user, you can visit the site to get a report on stalkers, download stories, videos, and so on. 

Q2. Is Jnckmedia com safe for you?

Ans: Yes, Jnckmedia com is completely safe and harmless. Plus, you aren’t asked to enter any personal details, so theft of information is out of sight. It does have a few ads placed, but you should be fine unless you click on it. 

Q3. Is Jnckmedia com illegal? 

Ans: No, Jnckmedia com is not illegal, provided your government has no strict policies against such third-party apps. But in case you find yourself eloped in geographical barriers, you can try using a VPN or proxy server. 

Q4. What device will you need for assessing Jnckmedia com? 

Ans: Jnckmedia com is accessible from any device. This means that you don’t have to invest in anything new and the kind of smartphone you already have should be enough. In addition to that, the website can be viewed from any kind of search engine. 

Q5. What makes Jnckmedia com so special? 

Ans: Jnckmedia com’s speciality lies in its features and abilities to undertake tasks that even Instagram doesn’t have. It is mostly used by Instagram users for multiple services, including Stalker Check, User Check, Single/Multi Downloader, Story Downloader, and Highlight Downloader among others. 

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