Nipple Pasties: Facts To Know Before You Buy

Backless bras, invisible and nipple pasties are used for the same purpose but all have slight differences. Nipple pasties are usually circular, but there can be variations. These are replacements for your bra, and they just cover the nipple area. Nipple pasties sit on the nipple area, but most women are conscious that they will look odd if worn under a top. But that is not the case, and if you are in the mood to try out nipple pasties, here are some factors that you must consider before buying these.

How To Select The Best Nipple Pasties 

Nipple pasties are easy to use and comfortable to wear, so in case you wear deep cuts and backless tops way too often, you must visit a wholesale nipple pasties seller. Read more to learn about the material and shape of nipple pasties.

The Material Of The Nipple Pasties

Although most of the nipple pasties are made of silicone as they are super easy to use, certain variations are available. For instance, there are nipple pasties made up of a hundred percent plastic-free silicone; then there are synthetic ones. Also, there are nipple pasties that are made up of cotton. 

Each person prefers a certain material based on the comfort level they want, the number of times they will use the pasties, and the flexibility (stretchability) they want. Cotton nipple pasties are the most comfortable to wear. So if you suffer problems like skin allergies or skin rashes, you should go for the pasties made of cotton. But if you want something flexible and the adhesive to last several rounds of usage, you must go for those nipple pasties made of silicone.

The Color Of The Nipple Pasties 

Most nipple pasties come in a beige color. People prefer buying nipple pasties that have a shade that is similar to their skin tone. However, many people prefer pink or even black nipple pasties. 

So, the color you choose will depend on the material and color of the outfit you plan on wearing. If the material of your outfit is completely opaque, then the color of the nipple pasties does not matter. However, if the dress is slightly translucent, you cannot wear a black-colored nipple pasty with a light-colored outfit. 

Shape Of The Nipple Pasties 

Most nipple pasties are round, yet many have slightly elongated wings; some have wavy margins, which are finger-like projections. All these projections or margins improve the fit and adhesiveness of the nipple pasties. So, if you are a pro at using simple round nipple pasties, go for it, but look for wavy extensions for additional comfort.


The color, material, shape, adhesiveness and several other characteristics of nipple pasties vary, and each type has its distinct advantage. So, if and when you visit a wholesaler, choose nipple pasties that will best serve your interests.