PM Kisan Beneficiary Status Mobile Number Complete Guide in 2023


The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare administers the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, which is a program funded by the central government. It benefits the enlisted farmers, who are said to receive a sum of Rs. 6,000 every year. This sum of Rs 6,000 will be sent in three instalments of Rs 2,000 each. This year, on July 27th, the 14th instalment of the PM-Kisan program was sent, and nearly 8.5 crore beneficiaries awaited their amount. Assuming you have signed up for the program as well, we suggest you do a quick check of PM Kisan Status 2023 before the next fortunate date is gone. With that said, anyone can check it out online through If you are new, follow this article as it guides you on checking the status using PM Kisan beneficiary status mobile number and Aadhar card. 

About PM Kisan Beneficiary Status

PM-KISAN, which stands for Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, is an initiative by the Indian government. The program is about providing help to farmers monetary-wise for agricultural needs or basic expenses. This program also comes with a separate website, which is pm Even the procedure for applying to the program is online, although you can visit and have it done from a local Common Service Centre (CSC) as well. 

The last instalment was released at July-end this year, while the following one i.e., the 15th instalment is dated in November. Every beneficiary of the program will therefore receive Rs 2000/- in a registered Bank Account. However, it is important to note that not every recipient but only the ones to quality will find their balance credited. Such quality beneficiaries are selected after an extensive process. Usually, only participants belonging to the middle-class and low-income groups will be selected. Other documents to look for include an Aadhaar card, ownership of agricultural land covering at least two hectares, and should not be an income tax filer, active government employee, retired government employee, or professional. Suppose you have met all criteria appropriately, chances are that you’ll receive the amount. To be certain, you can check the Beneficiary Status from its official website.

Similar to how the enlisted beneficiaries received the 14th Installment on July 27, 2023; registered candidates are awaiting the November instalment. Nearly 9 crore Indian farmers, who have met the eligibility will receive the 15th installment. One can check their respective status beforehand through the website This website is run by the government and is home to all information relating to the program. There are three ways you can do so; first by village report, second by phone number and lastly, by Aadhar card. 

Downloading PM Kisan Beneficiary village report

For the government to update the beneficiary list according to state, district and village; it may take some more time. This list caters to the names of every farmer who’ll receive the amount when the 15th instalment is out. And once the list gets updated, here’s what you’d have to do next: 

  • Reach out to the official website, pm
  • Then find the farmer section. On it, select the ‘beneficiary list’.
  • Select the state, district, sub-district and block name according to your location. 
  • Find the village name and click on the report link to start downloading the file.
  • You can now check out the names of every farmer who has made it to the beneficiary list. 

Note: The 15th instalment will be processed in November 2023. Yet one may have to face some delay in receiving the amount. 

Check pm kisan beneficiary status mobile number se

To access PM Kisan’s beneficiary status mobile number se, here’s how you have to proceed: 

  • Load the page. 
  • On search by field, select Mobile Number. 
  • Then on the enter value field, provide your mobile number. 
  • Enter the Captcha Code, as given on the image. 
  • Finally, select the Get Data button to make the status appear. 

Check status using Adhar card – for those without PM Kisan beneficiary status mobile number 2023

If you don’t remember the phone no. for PM Kisan beneficiary status mobile number 2023, you still have the option of an Aadhar card. 

  • Navigate back to the official website. 
  • Select “Farmers Corner” and choose “Beneficiary Status”.
  • Type correct Adhar details on the beneficiary status checking page.
  • Check the captcha image and input accurate values. 
  • Select “Get Data” to find beneficiary status. 

PM Kisan KYC Status 2023 

Completing the KYC is especially important, as one may be rejected based on it. Also, updated KYC is what consistently makes advantages possible on your end. You are needless to worry, as you can easily complete the procedure through the official website itself. First, log in to your account then see if the verification process is successful or not. So follow up with the formalities in case there’s something that is lacking. 


Be it the initiative or finalizing the PM Kisan beneficiary list, everything is taken care of by the Government of India. Each eligible candidate will receive Rs 2000, one cut from the promised Rs 6,000 in November. More details for the next installment, which is the 15th one, will be announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi very soon. Before anything else, what you can do is check if your name is on the PM Kisan beneficiary list 2023. There are three ways to do the same: through the PM Kisan beneficiary status mobile number and the village report list of Aadhar card. Complete procedures for the three of them have also been mentioned previously in this article. Once it is done, you can find out if you will be receiving that amount or not. In case your name has eventually made it, a sum of Rs 2000 shall be sent to your bank account by the end of November 2023.

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