Revamp Your Space With Sunday Design’s Luxury Furniture

Revamping your home might seem to be a paradox. Outdated decor pieces do make your abode dull and boring. Renovating your place doesn’t mean you can just rearrange existing furniture and spruce it up a little bit. Instilling character in home decor, adding unique miniature pieces, and solving complex structural issues are what we mean by revamping your home.

Looking at the same decor style can bore your family. It feels lifeless and lacks fun elements. And in this exploration, we are going to address this issue in style. Sunday Design’s luxury furniture has the most affordable yet unique decor styles that won’t pinch your pocket but will indeed offer you an all-new, fun home.

Luxury Furniture Ideas to Give Your Place a New Makeover

Let’s have a look at some of the best luxury furniture ideas to amp up your space:

1.     Rosenda Basket- Fair Trade Woven Basket

This spectacular rosenda basket is intricately made up by artisans by combining beautiful colors, stitches, and different forms. This pine needle basket is a perfect showpiece to stock your kitchen essentials or to playfully sit on your dressing table.

It is a sustainable hand-made basket that can be a great gift option or something that you can proudly display at your house. This beautiful basket is hand-woven and shows different shades and stitches.

2.     Matches-Pink Fire or Purple Bonfire

These candles are a must-have. You will fall in love with these as they are funky and unconventional to the core. They come in fun shades to amp up your space without much effort. These candles are found in sets of three, carefully dipped in high-quality paraffin and hand-crafted in the Alps of Bavarian hills.

These matchbooks have 10 match sticks that are made with beautifully printed cardboard that emits neon colors. These are a great addition to any gift box and home decor.

3.     Ventura Sun Tumblers

Ventura Sun Tumblers are the best pottery options you will find in the market. They are made in small batches to ensure perfection and style. These tumblers are made up of high-quality clay that has a beautiful texture with a beaming sun design, and Ventura inscribed on the bottom. 

You can simply style them on your kitchen shelf or add them to your indoor garden to instill character in your place. Plus, you can even opt for this as a gift box item. Trust us, the receiver will have a wide smile seeing Ventura tumblers.

4.     Ojai Map Pillows

Ojai Map Pillows can instantly make your sitting space fun and bright. These pillows are hand-crafted, hand-dyed with water-based ink, and stitched intricately with a hidden zipper for that clean, chic look.

You can find these in different shades like black and maroon. Choose the one that compliments your existing decor. These are made up of 100% cotton and feather inserts to make them a practical and comfortable addition to your luxury furniture.

5.     Ojai Tea Towels

If you love hosting tea parties and are proud of Ojai’s landscapes, this decor item is just for you. Ojai Tea towels are hand-screened and hand-dyed with water-based inks, ensuring no fading after washes.

These tea towels come in different shades that have an Ojai map displayed on them. You can decorate these while hosting get-togethers or at the time of celebrations to align style with culture.

6.     Ventura Gift Box

Ventura Gift Box is filled with a variety of premium-quality hand-made items. This is a perfect gift set for every occasion, whether it’s a housewarming party or your friend’s anniversary celebration.

This gift box includes a wood-carved box that is brimmed with functional home decor pieces like a black cotton canvas apron that can fit anyone, one beautifully hemmed tea towel, an ultra-soft Turkish towel, a bottle of wild gin, and an Emma wood print art piece. Each of these items is locally sourced in Ventura County by farmers, artists, and makers.

Wrapping Up!

So these were some of the most incredible interior ideas that’ll take your place to the next level. Changing your furniture now and then not only makes the site look different but also reverses the whole vibe of the room. It provides a particular type of positivity by allowing the negative energies to move away from the space. So, which was your favorite? It’s your time to amp up your interior game with the best luxury furniture from Sunday Designs.