Starting An Instagram Blog: Become a Unique Influencer

Truth be told, posting on Instagram, whether it’s a picture or a video is blogging. Instagram is essentially a microblogging platform, similar to X, just with the added bonus of pictures and videos. But the platform is incredibly important for bloggers, especially since it houses over 1.5 billion users globally. Creators and bloggers on the app need to harness the power of the photo and video sharing social network. Instagram is a better monetized channel for bloggers compared to a lot of other platforms like Facebook and YouTube. 

Instagram is an extremely effective tool for bloggers for two purposes, for starting a blog as well as promoting it. Think about it, the captions that come with Instagram posts are microblogs. So, the best way to grow a blog is to start one on Instagram, where you can find hundreds or thousands of readers easily. This article will talk about how Instagram is an effective blogging channel and how to get more Instagram followers and build a targeted audience for your blog. You will understand not only how to build an engaged community but also how to start blogging on Instagram with some helpful ideas.  

Insta-Blogging: Accompanying Numbers 

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In this blog, we’ve done our research about how blogging on Instagram works and how to get Instagram likes. As a user, you are allowed to create captions for posts of up to 2,200 characters, while the average English word consists of 4.7 characters. In conclusion, without hashtags, you can write blogs of up to 468 words, which can act as a short-form blog post. To be sure, this blog isn’t a microblog, but it isn’t a long-form blog either. However, Instagram allows you to continue your content in the comments section, each comment also consists of a maximum of 2,200 characters. You can post as many Instagram comments as you like to make your point.  This can help you add context to the caption or the video or the picture you posted. 

Blogging on Instagram: Benefits for Bloggers
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You can use Instagram as a launchpad for your blog, or promote your blog on the app. THere are numerous benefits to doing both, and here are some of them. 

Promoting an Existing Blog on Instagram: Benefits 

  • Free Marketing: It’s completely free to market your blog on Instagram, it won’t cost anything unless you boost your posts. 
  • Driving Traffic: Driving traffic becomes easy when you provide links in your bio or direct followers who engage with your Instagram posts to your blog’s website. 
  • Building a Community: Users communicate with each other more on Instagram than any other platform. You can engage with your targeted audience and your followers to increase a sense of community with your readers, and make them feel included in the process. 

Starting a Blog on Instagram: Benefits 

  • Accessing Niche Markets: For those with a targeted niche, meeting, reaching, and engaging with your targeted audience becomes easier with Instagram. You can easily tap into an ultra-lucrative niche market via Instagram.
  • Content Authority: Engaging content which is factually correct establishes your credibility in your industry. Higher your credibility, the more people interact with your posts, driving website traffic. 
  • Unique Brand-Enrichment Channel: A blog in a medium different from others is an interesting addition to your content mix, and is sure to intrigue readers. 

Creating Blogs on Instagram: Creator Accounts and How to Grow Your InstaBlog

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Having an Instagram Creator’s account is easier now more than ever. You can sign up for free and have more functions and benefits than private accounts on the app. Some of the benefits of getting an Instagram Creator’s account are as follows:

  • On-demand analytics
  • Monetization options
  • Engagement tools
  • Call-to-action button
  • And much more 

Here are a few reasons why you should opt for starting a blog on Instagram with a creator’s account. 

  • Creator-Center Analytics: You can access critical insights on the reach of your blog and your audience. These creator analytics are on demand and perfect for helping bloggers understand how to refine their content and grow their reader base. 
  • Instagram Ads: You get ideal blog promotion delivery tools with Instagram ads. They may cost a little extra, but Instagram Ads can increase your reach by leaps and bounds. 
  • Scheduling: You can schedule your posts which helps you post regularly when your audience is online. You can publish your blog posts regularly without the pain of hefty workloads and efficiently prevent content gaps. 
  • Labels: Your audience is completely aware that you are a word-class blogger on Instagram through a creator’s account. 

Here are some tips on growing your following on Instagram with a creator’s account. 

  • Find a Niche: Do your research about your niche in order to find a targeted audience that truly appreciates your work. 
  • Use a Captivating Bio: Your bio should clearly mention the niche your blog follows and what your audience can find on your Instagram page. 
  • Use Relevant Media: The pictures and videos you use must be related to your InstaBlog posts, catching your audience’s eye.
  • Use Compelling Content: Make sure your content is compelling, captivating, concise, and detailed. CTAs at the end of your InstaBlog can greatly help you increase your audience
  • Engage: Take some time out of your day to respond to comments and welcome new followers or go live on Instagram to show your followers on Threads you care about them.

The Bottom Line: InstaBlogs

Instagram, the app originally created just to share photos and videos, has evolved to new limits. Bloggers can truly harness the functions and features that allow users to engage more with each other to run a successful blog on Instagram. You can fully run a successful blog on Instagram through post captions, comments, and personalized pictures and videos. A tip from us to get more Instagram likes is to use Canva and other graphic designing tools to create captivating images to complement your blog posts. We hope this blog helped you understand the benefits of running a blog on Instagram.