Tech felt App: A Complete Guide to Photo Recovery

There have been some miraculous advancements in the digital age and as a result, we have become highly dependent on electronic devices for keeping our precious memories safe. But sometimes there are some accidents, data corruption and several other technical issues that can lead to the accidental loss of your precious memories. Some of these memories cannot be made again and it is heartbreaking sometimes but fortunately, there are ways around it you can recover your deleted photographs by using applications such as Tech felts. 

What is Tech felts?

If you are searching for information related to recovery, Techfelts is your hub. It is a one-stop destination for multiple services and it also has a voice changer, a video call app along with photo recovery. Unfortunately, to access its services, you have to go to the website as there are no dedicated applications available on platforms like the Google Play store.

How to Navigate the Website?

While there is no dedicated application the website is easy to navigate, it can be accessed on any device you just need an internet connection and once you’re on the website you can choose the type of information you want to recover primarily photographs. Tech felts will then perform a scan to find the deleted files in photographs and locate them, after the scan is completed users can preview the files and select photographs which they want to recover and then all you have to do is click on the “restore” button and voila you have all your deleted photographs back.

Photo Recovery

With Tech felts you can easily recover photographs that have been deleted in the past month or so. The process itself is straightforward and users can follow the steps outlined above to restore these precious memories.

What’s Next for Tech felts Users?

Caters to the digital recovery needs of users but that’s not all it does it is a versatile platform as well. Although there is no dedicated application the absence does not hinder the experience of the users the website is just as capable and comprehensive to all things recovery related.


Q1. What is Tech felts, and how is it different from others?

  1. Tech felts features and amazingly intuitive interface, compatibility with cross platforms as well as the ability to recover deleted files speedily.

Q2. What kind of documents can I recover with Tech felts Photo Recovery?

  1. Using Tech felts users can recover a wide range of documents apart from photos which is inclusive of videos as well as documents.

Q3. What can I do with Tech felts Photo Recovery to retrieve my deleted photos?

  1. Photo recovery is easy to use and very straightforward. Users simply need to visit the website and choose the type of information they want to recover then the website will perform a scan and find deleted files the users must select the files they wish to recover and just click restore.


Tech felts is not just a user-friendly platform, but it is also efficient. It can help you recover you’re lost photographs and precious memories, the website itself has noteworthy features and is very easy to navigate. The photo recovery process is simple to understand and very straightforward. So if you are looking for a way to restore your precious memories that have somehow been deleted Tech felts is 100% worth a try.


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