The Best Tips for Choosing an ideal Minecraft Server


With millions of people Playing Minecraft online the need for a dedicated Server has risen. As multiplayer gaming, Playing Minecraft online requires a secure, dedicated, and optimized server resource, designed to support several mods and plugins. However, choosing a perfect host from Minecraft server list has never been an easy task. Being a hugely popular sandbox video game on the internet, it requires a dedicated server setup. However, choosing a new server shouldn’t always be a tough task. Before committing yourself to any server you ought to first figure out the exact cost of the product. By so doing you will narrow down to the server that is right for you. Remember, choosing the wrong server can only lead to stressful gameplay. 

Tips for buying a dedicated Minecraft Server

If you’re a game enthusiast experience looking to play Minecraft with friends, then you need to choose a dedicated Server that will allow you to connect to a central computer together with other players. In this article, we seek to explore some essential factors to consider when choosing a server so that you can make the right decision that applies to your situation.

  1. The pricing scheme

One of the main factors to consider when choosing a server hosting provider is price. Since it’s requiring basic mechanics to play with friends and family, its plan needs as cheap as possible. However, the cheap price also depends on how you want to play the game with friends.

  1. Consider the number of players

When buying a server, it is important to pay attention and figure out the number of players who can effectively engage in your server in a given time. Although, this can be a bit tricky decision to make, choosing the server that can handle more players with more RAM can be an ideal option. With the latest versions of Minecraft, you can enjoy their huge memory intensive, you can always upgrade where need be or even downgrade later.

  1. Round-the-clock customer Support

Serving customers around the clock without any delay is the key to the success of any business. When choosing a server, it is important to consider customer support. Having excellent customer service involves surpassing expectations. The support team should be able to interact with customers in a friendly and positive manner.

  1. Consider the Version of Minecraft

You should choose an appropriate host depending on the version you’re looking to run. the cost of the Server could be higher or lower depending on the type you choose. For instance, the Java version is the most common Server version while the Bedrock version ideal option for mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to consider the Server type you want to run. If you want both Minecraft Java and Pocket Edition, then you need to set up two different servers.


In conclusion, the Minecraft game is by far the best that you can play and have fun with your friends. However, with several Minecraft server list out there, making the right choice can be difficult. Fortunately, by considering what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for, what type of player you are, and what kind of community you want to be a part of, it is easier to narrow down your options to the perfect server that meets your needs.