The Power of Website Translation in Multilingual Markets

In the world of digitalization, English is the predominant language. However, English accounts for only 23% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product. According to Ethnologies, English is native to 370 native speakers. Moreover, 980 million speakers speak English as a second language.

 In the digital world, it accounts for only 51%. Therefore, to cater to the remaining 50 percent, you should go for website translation. For example, if you want to cater to the lucrative market of Sri Lanka, then you need to translate your website into Sinhala language. Numerous translation firms operate globally, and Sinhala serves as the official language of Sri Lanka. Therefore, to persuade the Sri Lankan target market, you have to look for a translation company that can provide you with impeccable Sinhala translation services.

Importance of Native Language

Common Sense Advisory revealed that 72.1% of consumers spend most of their time on websites that are in their native language. Moreover, 72.4% of potential consumers will not buy products and services if the information on the website is not in their native language. The important thing to note is that 56.2% of consumers give importance to the native language more than the price. Therefore, if you want to sell your products and services in the Sri Lankan market, then you should go for Sinhalese translation services. 

How Website Translation Helps to Grow Your Business

Businesses become sustainable because of their earnings. Therefore, if your business is not doing well in the local market, then you should try to cater to foreign markets. You can penetrate foreign markets easily if you provide them with all the information in their native language. This will help you grow your business outside the borders. After the USA and China, India is becoming one of the largest economies in the world.  Professional Hindi translation services can be of great help in tapping this gigantic market. 

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is a very powerful tool to stand out in the fierce competition. If your competitors don’t have multilingual websites, then you can stand ahead by translating your website into multiple languages. In this way, you can reach the customers before your competitors. Do you know that India has 22 official languages? Therefore, in addition to Hindi translation services, you should also consider translating your website into those 22 languages. 

Improves dwell time

 Translating your website into the target market language is more likely to improve the dwell time.  Yes, the visitors will spend more time on your website as the language will be understandable. Thus, it will lower the bounce rate.

Builds Trust

People don’t trust a website which is not in their native language. Therefore, to build trust among potential customers, you need to translate your website. The website, which is translated into multiple languages, signifies authority and credibility. The multilingual website gives the message to the consumers that your brand or company cares about them.

Translate your website? Here’s where you need to pay attention!

Global SEO

Global SEO is a very effective tool to show your global presence. It helps you in driving traffic to your website. Moreover, it helps in generating leads. The most important part is that it enhances conversations, which is very important for the success of online business. For translating your website, and for global SEO, you should look for a professional translation agency with SEO expertise.   

Payment Mode

Many e-commerce stores and websites want to target a foreign market. Despite this, they don’t provide payment modes according to their country and in their native language. In this way, potential customers might leave your website without making any purchases. Therefore, it is very important to provide a payment mode that is understood by the customers.

Check the Traffic Data

You should check your website traffic data. This will help you to know from which geographical location, customers are viewing your website. For example, if more customers are landing on your website from Sri Lanka then you need to go for Sinhala translation services. In this way, you can capture the Sri Lankan market easily.

Wrapping Up

Translation of a website possesses many benefits. Therefore, you should look for a professional translation company that understands the regional and cultural intricacies. The advantage of hiring a professional translation agency is that they have native and industry-specific translators. These translators have prior experience in handling similar projects. Therefore, they provide seamless translation services in different language pairs. Are you ready to invest in website translation services