This 4-4-2 Formation In EA Sports FC 24 Is Unstoppable! – Best Custom Tactics & Instructions

EA Sports FC 24 features a variety of different formations to complement the contrasting styles. FC 24 4-4-2 formation provides the perfect balance between defense and attack. We have designed a customized strategy to make the system as effective as possible this year.

The 4-4-2 is a formation that has existed throughout football history. Ultimate Team has also played a key role in EA Sports games since its launch.

The 4-4-2 formation is a formation commonly used by Ultimate Team players in every game cycle. It’s always a viable formation to achieve the highest ranking in Champions Finals and quickly climb Division Rivals ladder.

Why Is The 4-4-2 Formation Good?

The back line of this formation is solid and compact, making it difficult for opponents to break through, especially if they have four other defenders in front of them.

The flat four-man midfield is very solid. All four players can contribute to defense and offense, which greatly enhances the team’s strength in all areas of the court.

The wide midfielder is tasked with being the main creative player while maintaining counter-attacking responsibility when the ball is lost. The midfielder provides constant cover for the defense and controls the tempo in the midfield.

For choosing a meta formation, 4-4-2 never seems to escape FC 24 players. And our effective 4-4-2 tactic will help you take this classic formation to the next level in Ultimate Team. Of course, these strategies can also help you win important trophies and earn huge FC 24 Coins in Career Mode.


Custom Tactics

The first step in constructing an optimal 4-4-2 is to tailor the tactics for when your team is in possession. The system is built to support a strong pressing game and keep your team on top.


Starting with the defensive setup of these custom tactics, we chose a balanced style. The classic 4-4-2 formation used by many elite coaches will be more pragmatic, so we want our FC 24 players to maintain their natural shape when defending.

We set the width to 60 as we want to take advantage of the wide attacking side of 4-4-2 tactic. While keeping the center compact, we want our full-backs and wide midfielders to play out wide to create more passing lanes.

Our tactical defensive depth is set to 71. This is where the team’s pressing focus comes into play. By deploying a high defensive line, we can ensure that there is a minimal space between the defensive lines for the opponent to attack.

This creates opportunities for our midfield to counterattack and regain possession of the ball, switching from defense to offense in an instant.

EA Sports FC 24 4-4-2 Custom Tactics


In the offensive part of the customized tactics, we chose a balanced organizational attack style. This will ensure that our midfielders and forwards maintain their position until the ball reaches dangerous areas in the final third.

Just like FIFA 23, Direct Passing is an incredibly powerful feature that allows players to make consistent attacking runs.

There is no change in the width of the attacking area compared to the defensive width of 60. Because this 4-4-2 tactic clearly emphasizes wide attacks when attacking. Therefore, it is crucial to buy FC 24 Coins to improve the overall statistics of the wide players.

The number of players in the penalty area is set to five to create an overload in the opposition area. All midfielders will join the attacking players in dangerous areas, except for one midfielder who is responsible for defensive cover.

We set the number of Corners and Free Kicks players in the box to only one. This can be beneficial for customizing set piece routes or winning the second ball. However, if you have different preferences with set pieces, feel free to change our settings slightly.

This FORMATION is ELECTRIC ⚡️FC 24 Best Custom Tactics & Instructions!

Player Instructions

Another important component of constructing the perfect 4-4-2 is applying the necessary player instructions to your team.

Team custom tactics guide your team on how to position themselves, but individual instructions let you intricately alter the way your players perform and their movements during a match.

The goalkeeper’s instructions are not important at all for this tactic. If you prefer the traditional choice between keepers, you can leave the keepers as default, or you can choose Sweeper Keeper role.
FC 24 4-4-2 Flat Tactics Formation

The centre-backs are, of course, better off following the default instructions. They must remain in their natural position in the center of the defense and perform their typical duties.

However, full-backs require some specific instructions to best perform their role in a 4-4-2 tactic. They need to stay in the backfield on offense and overlap. This will ensure they maintain the team’s attacking width when the wide midfielders cut inside.

The midfielders are the main cover for the team’s back four, so some important instructions must be applied to them. In this 4-4-2, they need to stay deep and cover the center of the pitch when attacking. They will focus primarily on defensive duties and will only support a sustained attack.

The midfielders are the team’s only obvious source of attacking width. We need to instruct them to stay wide and get in behind. We need them to constantly stretch the opponent’s defense and create space for our attacking partners.

Unsurprisingly, the forwards are the deadliest threat in this tactical set-up. To get the most out of them, they have to stand back. It is important to note that we want to avoid adding custom width directives so that they can carefully pick the ideal run based on where the gap occurs.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Exploring The Best Formations


The tactics and player descriptions we outline here will allow you to control a team that is compact and aggressive in defense but capable of attacking suddenly.

If this setting suits your style, it can help you rank higher in Champions Finals and move up the ranks in Division Rivals. However, if you want to achieve better results in FC 24, spending FIFA 24 Coins to buy excellent players to form a team that suits our 4-4-2 tactics is essential.

Now you have all the tools to successfully use 4-4-2 in FC 24. These tactics and instructions are suitable for high-intensity football tactics, but you have to make sure you have the necessary player selections to make sure everything goes as planned when your team takes the field in Ultimate Team!