Top 10 Poker Strategies and Tips for Beginners

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games in today’s casino world. You can practically find poker in almost every traditional and online casino platform in the world. Some people tend to see Poker as a sport more than a casino game as it involves patience, experience, skill sets and understanding the probabilities of the cards. There are not one but several poker strategies that any player has to comprehend and get a handle on before they actually start playing. It’s always a good idea to practise enough before you wager any money on the poker games. They can actually get pretty tricky during the game. If you are aware of the different poker strategies and well versed with them then there is nothing to stop you from winning every hand you have. 

Let’s get you acquainted with some of the best poker strategies and tips that can help you win at even the best online casino apps in India:

1. Play aggressive hands but keep them Limited

Before the flop in No Limit Texas Hold’em, there are a limited number of hands that you can actually play. Chip stacks can be easily finished if you wait for too long. If you have a confident and solid preflop poker strategy then you will have a higher chance of increasing your profit margins. This strategy is often considered to be the easiest and the best one to make some real money from Poker. 

2. Know the Basic Rules 

Before you start your journey in any game, make sure you learn everything there is to know about the game and how to actually play it. Whether it is sports or a particular casino game, you cannot learn it on the go. You have to get either professional training or see how the experts play before you start playing yourself. There are several variations of poker so when you are entering a round, make sure you have some expertise in that variation before you play. 

3. Master the Art of Bluffing

The most common thing that you might have heard about Poker is that bluffing is a critical aspect of the game. This is not false. If you cannot bluff and control your facial expressions then you might have a hard time winning a game. Without bluffing, you can expect to run out of your money pretty fast. But make sure you do not bluff in every game. If you do, your opponents will know your strategy and call your bluffs before you make them. 

4. Bankroll Management

Play poker only if you can afford to. This is the common strategy for all casino games in town. You cannot play on borrowed money. It will definitely create pressure on you and your gaming skills. The pressure can lead to mistakes that will further put you into a financial problem. So, make sure that you are only playing with the money that you can afford to lose. If the stakes are too high, you do not have to participate in it for the sake of your ego. 

5. Better to Fold than Be Sorry

Sometimes the best strategy can be to fold. A professional player always knows when he/she is beaten and makes a wise decision to stay out of the game for a particular round. Although this is a pretty straightforward strategy, sometimes people find it difficult to follow it because of natural inclinations. Humans tend to wish that they always win a game. That is why we keep pushing boundaries and think we can still win even if our experience is saying otherwise. 

6. Learn to Read your Opponents

Skilled players tend to have a circle of friends or family members with whom they play often. In such cases, you know the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents and can judge them quickly. It can be a big advantage in the game especially when bluffing is a strong part of the game as a whole. The body language and the facial expressions of your opponents can often tell you what they have and how they are planning to play ahead. This information can tell you how to progress with your game as well. 

7. No Amount of Learning is Less

There are several materials available online that can help you learn how to play the game. The strategies can be easily learnt through videos and forums where discussions are done and live streaming can be seen on how the best of the poker players tend to play the game. The more you check out previous games played by experts and how they call the shots, the more likely you are to win in the future if you find yourself in a similar situation. 

8. Have Patience

Often beginners become overconfident or think they know the give well and can win easily. Poker is actually a game that is synonymous with patience. The higher your patience level, the more real money you can win in the end. It is all about making the right decisions as per the hand and the reading of your opponents. Don’t lose your patience and heart too soon. 

9. Eyes on the Prize

Poker can sometimes prove to be a tiring game. One hand can run for a long period of time and you might start getting bored in the midst of it. So, keep your eyes on the prize and do not let yourself lose your attention to detail or the opponents. The more you keep your head in the game and the discussions amongst other players, the more you might be able to actually win. Learn everything that you can about the round and the players in it. 

10. Practice Makes Perfect

Poker should be played more as a fun game. It cannot be your only source of income. But, you can lose money if you are not careful. Practise as much as you can before you play with professionals. The more you engage in practising on smaller games or where money is not involved, you will gain the sufficient amount of experience that you are looking forward to in the long run. So, keep practising until you become confident and one of the best in your existing circles. Upgrade yourself slowly.