Top 4 Ways To Improve Your Workflow While Working Remote

Remote work has its benefits for both offices and employees. Employees spend less time commuting, which saves money and wear and tear on the car. Employers have less overhead and improved employee retention. Working remotely can be difficult when you’re all alone in your home instead of surrounded by colleagues. Finding the right workflow when your team is strung out across the country can be complicated. A branded Zoom background is a great way to promote connectivity between people while maintaining a professional image. Keep the work flowing smoothly with these four ideas.

Create a Schedule

One of the best things about remote work is the flexibility, so adhering to a rigid schedule may not be the best way to manage a team of remote workers, but you should have a basic schedule that everyone can access to know when a certain person is available. If you are waiting for a response to move forward with a project, a schedule can help you plan for answers without sacrificing deadlines.

Do Not Disturb

Don’t be afraid to block notifications or set your communication methods to “do not disturb” to get through work where you need to concentrate. If you have family at home while you’re working, have a signal that lets them know whether they can disrupt your workflow or not. Let friends know that you can’t get right to them during work hours. Set boundaries on your time and process. Use Zoom backgrounds during meetings for a nice touch to your screen.

Time Blocks

Break up your day with different tasks at different times. Take on the hardest job when you’re at your best. Block your time for meetings and answering emails so you can get through the bulk of your work without disruptions. Make sure to allow time for breaks. Take short breaks each hour to rest your eyes and stretch your muscles. Take a longer break at lunch and get some fresh air, even if you just walk down your driveway and back. Plan 10 to 15 minutes at the end of the day to straighten up and think about tomorrow’s schedule before putting work away.

Streamline Communication  

Remote work can make you feel isolated and alone, so use the collaboration tools available to you. When project plans change, update the software so everyone is kept in the loop. Use project management tools to assign tasks and to set deadlines. Pay attention to your own assignments on projects. Talk to members of your team through communication channels to stay on top of tasks. Don’t forget to chit-chat with others as appropriate. You may not be in the same office physically, but you can still enjoy each other’s online company. Use Zoom office backgrounds during video meetings to avoid distractions of the home office.

Be Flexible

Remote work has a lot of flexibility for employees. At the same time, you may need to be more flexible with your colleagues who are in different time zones or on different schedules. Give grace when you don’t get immediate answers. Go to your manager to decide how to proceed when you’re waiting on someone else.

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