Top 5 Best IgAnony Alternatives 2023


IgAnony is an absolutely free Instagram tool for viewing stories that allows users to privately view and download Instagram videos without leaving a trail. With this tool, you can browse and look through Instagram stories of public accounts without following them or divulging your identity. It’s a simple and private solution for those wishing to keep up-to-date on their most popular accounts without contacting their owners.

This post will discuss some fantastic alternatives available for IgAnony.

Top Five IgAnony Alternatives

While it may be a good anonymous story viewer on Instagram, having other options is always a good idea if you’re looking to find something else. There are other options to consider:


Another alternative is InstaStory, an anonymous viewer that lets you view Instagram stories without needing to connect with the account’s creator.


With this application, not only can you browse Instagram stories anonymously, but you can also browse profiles and posts without leaving a footprint.The unique feature of Hiddengram is the encryption system that ensures a secure communication. It’s a favourite choice of those who want more discreet online presence, given its popularity as an environment for openness and candid conversation while protecting users’ personal data.


Picbear is a different popular Instagram stories viewer that lets users download and view Instagram stories without signing in. It has a robust search feature and a clear user interface.


Suppose you’re searching for an unidentified viewer that lets users access and view stories from private accounts. In that case, IGLookup is the ideal choice for you. The other anonymous viewers do not allow you to access private accounts, which is why IGLookup can be the sole one to accomplish this. It will enable you to download and view stories and posts from all private accounts, regardless of a colleague or friend, without notifying them that you’re using it, which is a win-win.


As its name implies, WatchInsta is a different tool created specifically to view Instagram content anonymously, including videos and photos.

Each app mentioned above holds similar functions to IgAnony; however, they each have their own distinct features that make them different from each other!


In conclusion, these top five IgAnony alternatives offer diverse features catering to various Instagram anonymity needs. Whether you seek seamless browsing, encrypted communication, or access to private accounts, these options provide valuable choices for discreet and private Instagram usage. Explore and choose the one that best suits your preferences.


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