Ultimate Service: What To Look For In Your Backup Media Provider

There is no denying it: Aussie businesses need backup and disaster recovery in 2024. This is because the increase of information brings an increase of threats, the likes of which can bring an enterprise to its knees. From cyberthreats to human error, malfunctions and natural disasters, your data is always at risk of compromise, and compromise can create critical situations!

Therefore, you need the very best in offsite storage solutions to ensure that your information can be retrieved in the event of a disaster. But there is a gulf in class between a top class team and a subpar provider, especially when it comes to location safety and enlisted technology.

With this in mind, here’s a few things to look out for when choosing the best backup and disaster recovery Melbourne has:

  1. Urgent retrieval & delivery

Time is of the utmost importance in the event of a data loss. You immediately need that critical information so that you can restore your systems and continue providing a service. Therefore, you need a team who can provide a two hour guaranteed retrieval and delivery service across Melbourne.

This means that in the event of a data loss your provider will quickly access their offsite tape backup before delivering it to your location for restoration within two hours of the situation occurring. Your business simply cannot go without its imperative data and this is why you need a team who understands and can accommodate this imperative moment.

  1. Dedicated account managers

Because the last thing you want to do in the event of a data loss is be stuck on hold with a call centre – can you imagine the stress?! You’re going through what could be a disastrous moment in your business’s history and you’re suddenly left on hold with some annoying elevator music buzzing away.

This is not how it should be, and it doesn’t have to be this way. You can enlist a dedicated account manager who is an expert in handling these unpleasant situations. Not only will they immediately go to work on rectifying the situation, but they will also help ease some of your worries with their skill and experience.

After all, this is why backup and disaster recovery centres exist – to handle these tricky situations! Therefore, a dedicated account manager knows the process of retrieval and delivery and will ensure the process runs smoothly.

  1. Data protection

We’re talking about the absolute pinnacle of data protection services. A space that is inaccessible to nefarious characters; a custom-built, state of the art storage vault that will ensure that the data that was unfortunately compromised at your workplace will be safe and ready for retrieval when you need it.

You can relax with the peace of mind that there is a location that is ensuring that your sensitive information is ready for retrieval at the critical moment. And, in the event of a data loss, all you have to do is call your account manager and they will go to work on having the experts retrieve your tapes from the secure vault.

  1. Optimal compliance

You want to know that your backup and disaster recovery team is operating with the highest compliance. This is one way you can trust that they have your best interests close at heart. Therefore, before signing up to any provider, ensure that they are operating to the highest Australian industry standards. These industry standards are naturally stringent, and so you can trust that they are a team who can protect and deliver your data when you need it most!