What are the CMA USA Course Details and Duration in India?

The prestigious Institute of Management Accountants, also known as IMA in the USA administers the globally recognized US CMA course. Understanding the CMA USA course details and duration in India will help aspiring candidates in India to prepare for the course better. 

The certified management accountant course is now recognized globally in more than 170 countries. So, candidates pursuing the course get a path into the global market with this course conveniently. 

Due to its industry-standardized module and syllabus, the top-most multinational companies offer CMA-certified candidates special attention and importance in the recruitment process. As the CMA module offers accounting knowledge along with professional skills, most companies find them to be perfect according to the current industry standards. 

US CMA Eligibility Criteria

Before jumping straight into the eligibility criteria for the US CMA course, it is crucial to know what the US CMA course is

The US CMA course is a professional accounting program that helps the candidates learn the skills of analysis and decision-making. 

Candidates who have completed their Graduation in any stream from any recognized university in India can pursue the US CMA course in India. Moreover, if the candidate has some knowledge in the accounting field through courses like B.Com or BBI, understanding and passing the US CMA course becomes comparatively easier.

After completing the course, the aspiring candidates also should have work experience of 2 years in the relevant field to achieve the US CMA course. In the case of a part-time job, the work experience has to be 4 years. 

Along with eligibility, candidates should also get information for CMA USA details and duration in India to have clarity before joining the course. 

CMA USA Duration in India

The best thing about the US CMA course is that it is flexible in terms of completion. While the actual time duration of US CMA is 6 to 9 months, it depends upon the candidate’s capability and other factors. If the candidate is not able to show much dedication, then it may even take them 12 months to 18 months to pass the exams. 

Apart from passing both exams, the candidates must also complete full-time work experience of 2 years in a relevant field. It depends upon the candidates, whether they will achieve the work experience after completing their course or while completing the course. But the maximum time duration that a candidate gets to complete the exams and work experience is 3 years after which only they can apply for the US CMA certificate. 

US CMA Exam Structure and Duration

The CMA USA Course details and duration in India will not only include eligibility and course duration, rather there are many more things to consider and understand before enrolling in the course. One such thing is the examination procedure. 

Candidates can appear for the exams three times a year:

  • January/ February
  • May/June
  • September/October

The applicants can appear in the exams according to their suitability. However, the candidates should book their exam slots at least 72 hours before the exam schedule. 

The US CMA exam is conducted in two parts and each of them has a duration of 4 hours. Out of the 4 hours duration, 3 hours are dedicated to objective questions while candidates must answer the rest 25% of questions in essay-type answers. To be precise, there are 100 MCQ questions and 2 essay-type questions in each paper. 

US CMA Course Syllabus

While going through the CMA USA details and duration in India, one of the elements that you should check out is the syllabus. 

The US CMA syllabus has two parts. Part 1 includes topics of:

  • External Financial Reporting Decisions 
  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
  • Performance Management
  • Cost Management
  • Internal Controls
  • Technology and Analysis

After successfully passing the Part 1 exam, candidates must appear for the Part 2 exam. Part 2 of the US CMA syllabus deals in:

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Decision Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Decisions
  • Professional Ethics

It is always better to enroll in a class in preparation for the US CMA exam. We, at Zell, have a team of CMA-qualified and experienced members to educate and train the candidates most professionally. Also, with the support of a classroom setup, the candidates can prepare for the exams better and pass them smoothly. 


As the accounting and finance world is evolving, new techniques are required for management and operations. US CMA is one such professional course that enables interested candidates to pursue their careers in this field. Understanding the CMA USA details and duration in India properly will help in making the right decision about enrolling in the right class mode and at the right time.