When is it Safe to Take a Bath Post Breast Augmentation

After going through breast augmentation surgery, a nice long soak in a warm bath may sound very appealing. However, as relaxing as a bath might be, you will have to be patient before enjoying one. Bathing needs to be postponed for a period of time following your procedure to allow your body the chance to start recovering properly. It’s understandable to want to immerse your body in a tub filled with bubbles right away. But for the time being, quick showers are a better option than taking a bath while your incisions are still fresh.

Showering After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Immediately After Surgery

In the first 24-48 hours after breast implant surgery, bathing is not recommended. You will have dressings and bandages over the incision sites that need to remain clean and dry. Showering and submerging the breasts in water can get the wounds wet and hinder the healing process. Your surgeon will likely instruct you to avoid baths in the first 1-2 days following the procedure.

First Week of Healing

During the first week after your breast augmentation, you will need to limit bathing and take quick showers. The incisions are still in the healing process and susceptible to infection if submerged in water. Your surgeon may recommend covering the incision sites with waterproof bandages or dressings when showering. Avoid soaking the breasts or taking prolonged baths, as the warm water can cause swelling and inflammation. Keeping your showers short and at a moderate temperature is key during this recovery period.

Second Week After Surgery

After the first week, you may be able to start taking short baths as the incision sites begin to close. Avoid very hot bath water, as it can dilate blood vessels and increase swelling. Lukewarm bath water is best. Limit bathing time to 5-10 minutes to minimise moisture on the healing breasts. Do not submerge or soak the breasts entirely. Washing with a gentle cleanser and rinsing with water is okay. Make sure to pat it dry carefully to avoid irritation

Third and Fourth Weeks After Surgery

During weeks three and four of the recovery period, bathing can be gradually increased. The incision sites should be well-healed by this time. You can start taking warm (not hot) baths for 15-20 minutes daily if permitted by your surgeon. Make sure to clean the implants gently with mild soap and avoid harsh scrubbing over the breast area. The implants will still be settling into place during this time. Don’t soak in very hot water as it can be damaging to the breast tissue.

After the fourth Week

Once the first week has passed, your surgeon will likely give you clearance to resume normal bathing and showering. The implants will be secure and the incision sites fully closed and healed. You can enjoy a relaxing bath without restriction at this stage. However, it’s still important to avoid very hot water when bathing, as it can be damaging to breast tissue. Warm or lukewarm bath temperatures are ideal for breast health. 

With any bathing after breast augmentation, avoid submerging the upper body and implants in swimming pools, lakes, or ocean water until approved by your plastic surgeon. These bodies of water can harbor bacteria and pathogens that pose infection risks to healing breast implants. Consult with your surgeon about when it is safe to resume swimming after surgery.


Bathing needs to be restricted for the first month after breast implant surgery to allow proper healing. Quick showers are recommended for the first 1-2 weeks. After that, short, warm baths can be taken as the incision sites close. By the fourth week post-op, normal bathing can usually be resumed. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s specific instructions for bathing after your breast surgery for optimal recovery results.