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People in this generation depend a lot on social media. There are a huge number of apps, but Instagram is probably the most popular right now. And when Instagram comes into view, the main question always remains: How many followers does one have?

The number of followers on social media has remained a pertinent factor in judging the authenticity of an account of a celebrity, spreading news, and, all in all, remaining influential. And the quickest way to earn followers is by using Cookape. In this article, we will take you on a deep dive into increasing Instagram followers, which is also free.

What is Cookape?

What is Cookape

Cookape is an app that grants you several genuine followers for free. Using Cookape is quite easy and convenient. Users can increase their Instagram followers with the help of this tool by following simple steps. Although there are a number of sources that can help you increase Instagram followers, It has gained huge popularity globally. It works on modules such as suggesting trending hashtags, managing your Instagram activities, and connecting with larger audiences.

How do I use Cookape for Instagram followers?

  1. Open a suitable search engine on your phone or desktop. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox works fine. In the search bar, you have to search for cookies.  
  2. Click on the official website of Cookape and enter the site.
  3. The website opens up, and a page will open up in front of you. You will find the search bar at the top right corner in blue.
  4. When the cursor comes up, type insta mode or plus main and click on the search tab.
  5. This opens up a new page on the screen. You have to scroll for a bit and then you can find an option showing read more. Click on this. 
  6. After this, you have to wait a while before you can type in your username there. After doing that, click on the find username option.
  7. Then you can write the number of followers you want in your account there. Then click on the Get Free Followers option to get your desired number of followers. And voila, you get your wish! 

Advantages of using Cookape

  1. You can use it to gain real followers on Instagram, thus increasing the weight of your account. It increases the credibility of the profile and opens up various business opportunities, boosting economic potential.

2. Gaining so many followers gives you the potential to open up a  side business on Instagram, thereby using this app as your money source. It is now more than just a picture-sharing app.

3. Having a huge following means you can do various paid promotions of brands of different kinds. Not only that, but you can collaborate with various brands as well.

4. Having a good number of followers means you can become an influencer in no time. You can use your Instagram for this purpose as well after taking the aid of Cookape.

 5. Instagram itself pays influencers who have a large following. Hence, Cookape can help you get that as well. 

Alternatives to Cookape

While the usage of this app is so good and Instagram has nothing against it, it is still better to use some valid sites for gaining followers. Some other good alternatives for Cookape are:


·  Sprout Social

·  Player up


·  Crowd fire

·  Popular up

·  Social gest


·  son likes

·  Project instal 


Cookape is the new trendsetter that helps users increase their Instagram account engagement. The platform is designed to present popular and trendy hashtags, famous Instagram accounts for connecting with and keeping an eye on your Instagram content. Users can avail of its benefits without paying any cost and by presenting advanced features.

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