Digital Marketing Course Duration and Fees Structure for 2024

Digital Marketing is the most used term these days. Because businesses are relying on digital methods of marketing rather than old-fashioned methods for promotion. This has created a need in companies for digital marketers to reach more people. This need has increased the scope of digital marketing and made this career fascinating for youngsters. The easiest way to start a career in this field is by enrolling in a digital marketing course, but many questions may arise regarding the course. These questions include digital marketing course duration and fees, location offline or online, etc.

Many people want to learn digital marketing due to high demand. Online or offline courses are available, ranging from simple to advanced levels. Taking a course teaches skills for successful online campaigns. Consider taking a digital marketing course in Jaipur if you live nearby — it’s the best place to learn. Improve your knowledge, distinguish yourself in the job market, and realise your dream of a successful marketing career.

What is a Digital Marketing Course?

The digital marketing course teaches strategies and technologies for growing a business online. It aims to educate you on how to create digital campaigns for advertising on the internet and social media. Students learn to promote products and services efficiently through various online channels. Nowadays, digital marketing courses are really popular in schools. They cover different specializations and purposes, but choosing the best one can be a challenge for each student.

Digital Marketing Course Details 

The basic information regarding the digital marketing course is as follows: 

  • Course – Digital Marketing
  • Eligibility and Requirement – Minimum Requirement: Graduation
  • Duration – 3 – 6 months 
  • Fee – ₹25,000 to ₹65000 (Avg offline course fees)
  • Course Type – Certification course
  • Starting salary offered – ₹25,000 – ₹30,000
  • Advanced Courses – SEO Specialization, Content Writing, Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing
  • Job Opportunities – Influencer Marketing, Content writer, Social Media Marketing, SEO Expert, Marketing Expert in Startups, MNCs and other private organizations, etc.

Eligibility for a Digital Marketing Course

To join a digital marketing course:

  1. If you studied marketing, advertising, or content creation, joining this course is easy for you.
  2. For a basic certification, just finish high school with at least 50% marks in any stream.
  1. To pursue a diploma, you need a 50% aggregate in your 12th class.
  1. For a postgraduate diploma, you should have a 50% or good GPA in your graduation from any discipline.
  2. To get a BBA degree, secure 50% in your 12th standard in any stream from a recognised board.
  1. If you aim for an MSc or MBA, maintain an overall 50% in your graduation from any discipline from a recognised college or university.

Digital Marketing Course Duration 

The duration of a digital marketing course depends on the level you choose. For the basic course, it’s a 3-month program. Choose the advanced course, and it will take 6 months to complete. If you aim to be a digital marketing specialist, there are specific courses lasting from 8 to 12 months.

Digital Marketing Course Fees

The fees of a digital marketing course depends on the type of course you choose. If you are choosing a basic digital marketing course it will start from Rs15k – 25k. But if you choose the advanced digital marketing course to learn the advanced skills it will start from rs 35k – 65k.

There are some more courses to leran digital marketing, but they are full-time degree courses. Therefore choose your course according to your need to achieve desired goals. There is always a course to match your needs, whether you’re starting simple or dreaming big.

Digital Marketing Syllabus, Modules, Curriculum

In a digital marketing course, you learn different things, starting with basics and moving to advanced strategies.

  • Digital Marketing Basics: Understand how digital marketing works by looking at different online platforms, technologies, and tactics.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  SEO is used to optimise website to make them more user friendly and rank in search engine search results.
  • PPC Marketing: Pay-per-click marketing is one of the types of digital marketing in which you pay a fee each time when your ad is clicked. 
  • Social Media Marketing: Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to represent your brand, engage with customers, and increase website traffic.
  • Email Marketing: Explore list development, categorisation, and automation, along with designing and sending effective email advertising campaigns.
  • Content Marketing:  Learn to create and share quality content, such as blog articles, videos, and infographics, to attract and engage customers.
  • Web Analytics: Find how tools like Google Analytics are used to check and analyse website traffic and statistics of digital marketing.
  • Digital Strategy: Develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan aligned with company goals and objectives.

Digital Marketing Salaries 

In India, the need for digital marketing experts is growing, resulting in better pay. As you initially start exploring digital marketing, you can expect to earn around 3-4 lakhs per year. With more experience, your annual salary could rise to 5-6 lakhs. If your goal is to become a digital marketing manager, your annual salary will range between 7 and 10 lakhs. If you enjoy freelancing, you could earn between Rs500-2K per hour. 

Your earnings depend on the skills that you have acquired in the longer run and the needs of the projects you take on. If you are just starting or climbing the career ladder, there are a lot of opportunities in digital marketing according to your preferences and expertise. The growing digital landscape in India not only boosts businesses online but also opens up profitable opportunities for digital marketing professionals.


In today’s digital age, every business needs digital marketing—it’s a powerful tool for all, big or small. Because it helps you reach people worldwide, targets the right audience, cost-effective, and offers flexibility. Using popular digital marketing strategies, organisations can sell products, boost brand recognition, and connect with customers in a focused way. Taking a digital marketing course, especially from Quibus Trainings, is a smart move if you want to learn and succeed in the digital world. It provides the skills you need and a clear understanding of how digital marketing works. So, sign up now and kickstart your journey to success!