How AI Techniques Are Being Used By Mobile Game Developers To Increase User Acquisition

The world of gaming has been transformed by artificial intelligence in several ways, but perhaps none greater than in the development of casinos. FanDuel Casino, for example, has taken advantage of AI’s capabilities to enhance the user experience. Through AI-powered solutions, FanDuel can optimize user acquisition strategies and create more engaging games that captivate the audience. 

Complex algorithms and advanced technology are providing immersive gaming experiences that are not only enjoyable but also intriguing. These advances have created an entirely new level of excitement in the world of online gaming, and it’s all thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

Mobile game developers have long relied on user acquisition tools like AppLovin’s AppDiscovery program to effectively reach their target demographic through mobile ads. These user acquisition campaigns took a minimum of two to three weeks to identify the ideal audience. 

However, recent AI advancements incorporated into AppDiscovery have significantly streamlined this process, saving developers valuable time and effort. Now, they can quickly and efficiently connect with the right audience, ensuring their products receive maximum exposure and engagement.

According to Michael Dawson, the chief business officer of mobile game studio Pocket Gems, optimizing a campaign on AppLovin used to take several weeks or tens of thousands of installs. 

However, with the improved system, this process can now be accomplished within a single week. This significant reduction in time allows developers to quickly and efficiently optimize their campaigns, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

The gaming industry stands out among various sectors in mobile app development due to its intense focus on performance optimization and return on ad spend. With the recent AI enhancements in user acquisition capabilities provided by AppDiscovery, there has been a notable increase in advertisers from this sector. 

This influx of advertisers is particularly significant because they were previously hesitant to invest in longer campaigns due to the associated higher learning costs. The platform’s ability to deliver impressive results and overcome initial concerns has driven this positive shift in advertiser interest.

“In the gaming industry, the majority of company expenses are dedicated to performance spend. This makes it a highly performance-driven industry,” explained Daniel Tchernahovsky, the VP of Global Business Development at AppLovin. “When partnering with us and scaling their operations, the impact can be extraordinarily significant, positively impacting the bottom line and overall success of the business.”

In the realm of modern gaming companies, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a captivating subject, often fueling discussions on how it can effectively reduce game development costs. While certain companies like Unity have taken strides in crafting AI tools to facilitate the creative aspects of the production process, Dawson, in an interview with Digiday, emphasized his company’s prudent approach in cautiously evaluating any AI feature that has the potential to impede creators.

“We strongly believe in supporting creators and fostering storytelling, so we don’t envision this idea replacing that anytime soon,” he explained. “While it holds great potential in the realm of business and professional email writing, we are not keen on using it for the actual creation of worlds, characters, and stories.”

AppLovin is committed to investigating the possibility of artificial intelligence (AI) in lowering advertising expenditure for mobile game companies, as are other industry participants. AppLovin’s in-house creative firm, SparkLabs, has been experimenting with AI to create engaging video ads, despite the apprehension of game developers. In addition to bringing AI improvements to AppDiscovery, they are also pushing the envelope to completely transform the way the advertising business produces ads.

According to a SparkLabs representative, it is still too early to gather performance data on the AI-powered video ad created for Pocket Gems. However, what is evident is the rapid integration of artificial intelligence as a standard component in mobile game development and user acquisition. This highlights the evolving landscape of the industry, where innovative technologies are playing a crucial role in driving success and engagement.

According to Dawson, the implementation of AppLovin on Android campaigns has significantly enhanced their success. Previously, AppLovin primarily dominated the iOS platform as a reliable marketing partner. However, with its expanded presence on Android, AppLovin has emerged as a prominent player in their marketing strategy. Dawson’s statement indicates the tremendous growth and influence AppLovin has achieved, positioning itself as a key partner in maximizing their advertising endeavors.