How to Download Instagram Videos (5 Easy Methods)

Downloading Instagram videos is a simple and easy task. It can be conveniently done by using a third-party app. Let us understand how you can download Instagram videos in 5 Easy Methods.

How to Download Instagram Videos (5 Easy Methods)

Here’s how you can easily download Instagram videos for

Step 1: Select the Desired Video

To initiate the process of downloading an Instagram video, you must first identify the specific video that you intend to save. Launch the Instagram application and locate your chosen video within its vast array of content. Once identified, click on the three dots icon positioned in the upper right corner of said post.

By doing so, a menu will appear offering various options; among them is “Copy Link.” Tap this option to copy the URL address associated with your selected video onto your device’s clipboard. Upon successfully copying it, proceed to step two.

Step 2: Duplicate The Video’s URL

The subsequent stage entails duplicating or replicating the link pertaining specifically to your desired Instagram video download. To achieve this task effortlessly, simply tap on ‘copy link’ after clicking on the aforementioned three dots symbol adjacent to your preferred visual content.

Alternatively, if using a computer system for these proceedings instead of mobile platforms such as smartphones or tablets – employ a right-click maneuver upon hovering over said media file thus revealing another convenient method – ‘copy link’. Following either approach outlined above ensures successful replication of required information allowing progression towards the next phase promptly.

Once possession has been obtained regarding copied URLs from previous stages mentioned earlier involving identifying target footage and subsequently extracting respective connection strings necessary for future downloading endeavors; one can then progress towards integration into external applications specially designed for such purposes.

Access any third-party program established explicitly catering toward enabling users to access downloads via pasting URLs directly within the interface provided by said software solution itself rather than relying solely upon native functionalities inherent within the Instagram framework alone. 

Utilize designated text field located conveniently alongside the prominent button labeled as “Download” situated underneath affords seamless implementation facilitating the commencement of instantaneous retrieval operation featuring desired multimedia material originating from the initial source acquisition attempt undertaken initially during preliminary phases stated beforehand

Initiate the Download

Upon pasting the URL into the application, locate and press on the “Download” option displayed in order to commence instantaneously with the download procedure. The duration of this process may differ depending on the movie’s size. Once completed, you will possess a duplicate of said Instagram video securely stored within your device.

It is fundamental to note that not all videos can be obtained from Instagram due to copyright safeguards. Ensure that solely those videos are downloaded for which you have acquired proper authorization since does not endorse or support any illegal activities.

Enjoy the Acquired Video

Subsequent to clicking on the download button, savor your recently attained video! By conveniently sharing it with friends and family, forwarding this visual clip becomes an effortless endeavor. Compatible across various platforms supporting diverse video formats including social media outlets as well as email transmission.


Utilizing third-party applications serves as an efficient mechanism when seeking swift acquisition of Instagram videos without complications. Within mere moments and minimal effort invested through several clicks only, one can store desired content onto their computer or mobile apparatuses seamlessly (5 Easy Methods).


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