How to Send a Snap with the Cartoon Face Lens: Get Full Information

In our youth, we all admired the Disney Pixar characters. You can use Snapchat’s Cartoon Face Lens to give your face the features of a Disney character, including their lovely eyes, eyebrows, hair, and ears. In 2023, this was a highly popular fashion trend. Using this lens, you can take Snaps that you can share with your friends. This post will go through how to send a Snapchat snap using the How to Send a Snap with the Cartoon Face Lens: Detailed Guide and additional cartoon face lenses you may use to shoot adorable films.

What are Cartoon Face lenses?

On Snapchat, the Cartoon Face lens is a well-liked augmented reality (AR) feature. With the aid of facial recognition technology, users may instantly turn their faces into cartoon characters. The Cartoon Face lens gives the user’s face a whimsical and comical appearance by superimposing numerous animation elements and effects onto it after application. The lens usually alters the wearer’s facial appearance by exaggerating features like enlarged eyes, reshaped noses, colourful cosmetics, and other fun effects.

How do Cartoon Face lenses work?

Additionally, it might have animated components like stars, hearts, or items floating above the user’s head. The Cartoon Face lens is engaging and helps users create amusing and imaginative Snapchat stories to share with their friends. The particular elements and results of the Cartoon Face lens may change over time because Snapchat refreshes its lens collection frequently. 

How do I send a snap using the Cartoon Face Lens?

How to send a snap using the Cartoon Face Lens

Use these methods to send a Snap on Snapchat using the Cartoon Face lens:

  1. Open Snapchat: Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone and sign into your account.
  2. Turn on the camera: To start the Snapchat camera, tap on the circle icon in the bottom centre of the screen.
  3. Access the Lens Carousel: Just swipe left or right across the screen. You can add different lenses or filters to your photos using the Lens Carousel.
  4. Find the Cartoon Face Lens: Swipe through the lenses until you discover the Cartoon Face lens by continuing to do so. It typically has an icon that looks like a smiling emoji or a cartoon face.
  5. Use the Cartoon Face Lens: After locating the lens, tap it to add it to your camera feed. Real-time overlaying of a cartoon version of your face will occur.
  6. Take a Photo: To take a picture, place your face in the center of the frame and press the circular shutter button at the bottom of the screen. The button can be tapped to take a picture or held down to capture a video.
  7. Edit and customize: Using the tools provided by Snapchat, you can edit a snap after it has been taken by adding text, stickers, or drawings.
  8. Send the Snap: When you’re happy with how your altered snap looks, tap the blue arrow icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. You’ll be sent to the Send To screen.
  9. Pick Recipients: Decide who you wish to send the snap to from your contacts or pals. You can choose a single friend or pick several friends to form a group.
  10.  Send the Snap: To send your snap to the chosen recipients, simply hit the “Send” button at the end. The Cartoon Face lens was added to the Snap before it was delivered. Your chosen recipients will receive a Snap with the Cartoon Face lens so they may see and enjoy your amusing and animated creation.

5 Frequently Used Snapchat Cartoon Face Lenses

The Cartoon Face lens, which comes in a variety of variations, is one of the most popular face lenses for mobile devices. There are numerous lenses accessible on the app since, of course, there are many more cartoons than just a select handful. You might use the four most popular ones when sending your subsequent snap.

1. Cartoon 3D style

This is a super cool lens that got viral in 2023 and turns you into a Disney/Pixar character with the iconic Pixar-style hair. You can also apply this lens to already saved pictures in your gallery.

2. Anime Style Lens

Anime Style Lens

For anime lovers, Anime Style Lens may become their favourite Snapchat filter! It’s perfect for transforming your face into the classic, charming look of an old-fashioned anime character.

3. Doodle Cartoon Lens

If you know anything about doodles you will remember the stickman characters. Well, you can use this filter to transform your face into such a character. With squinty eyes and a mouth, you resemble a stick figure.

4. Cartoon Kid Lens

Cartoon Kid Lens

With this filter, you can do exactly that. You will turn into cute little cartoon babies with puffy cheeks, just like Pixar/Disney.

5. Sparkling cartoon-style lenses

This filter gives you a great Pixar-like look with a touch of sparkle. The sparkling cartoon-style lens takes it up a notch by adding animated sparkles.

6. Cartoon 3D Style Lens

It turns out your face by changing your facial features into a 3 dimensional view by filtering your eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose, forehead, and even by changing your hair color. You will love yourself by capturing your face as a disney pixar character that adds cuteness to your snap. People share snaps in cartoon 3D lenses on a frequent basis that even help them to capture their friends’ pictures.

Cartoon Filters on Snapchat So Popular

Cartoon lenses on Snapchat have become increasingly popular for a number of reasons, including:

Engaging and Entertaining: Cartoon filters give Snapchat a playful and engaging feel. Users can change the appearance of their faces into animated and exaggerated versions, making for a fun and enjoyable experience.

Self-expression through the arts: Snapchat’s cartoon filters give users a visually appealing platform to showcase their talents and personalities. They can experiment with various appearances, mannerisms, and personalities to produce engaging and original content.

Shareability & Virality: Snapchat lenses should be simple to share with friends and followers. Users can share their cartoon-filtered content with others by sending pictures or posting it on their Stories. Users love to share their newly transformed faces with others, and this shareability frequently contributes to the viral nature of the lenses.

Social Media Trends: Snapchat’s cartoon filters have been incorporated into a number of social media challenges and trends. By utilizing particular lenses and adding their own creative spin, users take part in these trends, which helps increase the popularity and visibility of the filters.

Enhanced Visual Experience: Snapchat’s lenses use cutting-edge technology to deliver a smooth and lifelike augmented reality experience. The animated filters precisely capture facial movements and use dynamic effects to provide a visually pleasing and engaging experience.

Memorable and Distinctive: Snapchat’s cartoon filters stand out from filters on other platforms thanks to their distinct design and style. They are popular because they are easily recognizable and visually appealing, which motivates people to interact with them.

Use Snapchat Cartoon Filters

Use Snapchat Cartoon Filters

Similar face filters are available on multiple platforms. Hence, users can even create their photos and videos for Tiktok or Instagram reels using Cartoon Filters. The above-mentioned filters are just a few popular ones. There are a number of cartoon filters that you can try on the Explore page.


It appears that the filter is successfully drawing attention to the ridiculousness of social media and how it affects our lives. Send a Snap with the Cartoon Face Lens, for instance, shows a woman feverishly scrolling through her newsfeed before realising, after a string of tragic occurrences, that she unintentionally liked a derogatory meme. However, it’s also conceivable that the filter has fallen too far down the rabbit hole and is beginning to lose its sense of reality.

FAQs At Send a snap with the cartoon face lens

1. How can I get rid of the background on the cartoon face lens on Snapchat?

Ans- By tapping the layers icon, choose the desired lens layer, and then swipe it away. Simply press the trash symbol to delete the layer.

2. How do Snapchat Lens and Snapchat Filter differ from one another?

Ans- Snapchat lenses, also known as augmented Reality or AR, use technology to change you into a distinctive and different version of yourself, in this example, a cartoon. On the other side, Snapchat filters are artistic effects or design overlays that may be applied to your snaps.

3. How does the cartoon filter on Snapchat operate?

Ans- The Cartoon filter transforms you into a CGI character with attributes like to those from Disney. The popular Anime filter, which turns users’ faces into 2D anime depictions, is used as a comparison. 

4. What is the name of the Snapchat cartoon face filter?

Ans- Choose the “Cartoon 3D Style” option after finding it. To record a video, keep the camera button depressed. To choose between the lens’s effects, tap the screen.

5. Does Snapchat have good filters?

Ans- Amazing Snapchat filters are available to use for fun with friends or to wow your sweetheart. Despite copying a Snapchat feature for its stories, Instagram is still a favourite app for many people worldwide.

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