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Anime is one of the most beloved forms of entertainment, and be it for kids or adults, anime has something for all age groups. The only inconvenience is where to watch Anime. Well, it’s time to convert this inconvenience into convenience, as WCOFun is available to the public and is hugely associated with anime cartoons for kids. Plus, there are innumerable anime series available, some dubbed and others subbed. 

About WCofun app

Wcofun caters to a large selection of anime and has all kinds of it, from dubbed and subbed anime to cartoons, movies, and series. It is entirely free for users, despite the fact that its services are quite smoothly run. This anime hub is like any other streaming service where one can use filters to search for an anime according to one’s preferences.

Is WCOFUN safe?

When it comes to safety, WCOFun is quite reliable and has not had a single instance of malware attack. So, there’s nothing you have to worry about while streaming anime on it. The only worrisome factor is its pop-up ads. Nevertheless, it’s still a safe play until you keep your fingers out of ads, as the chances of virus and malware attacks increase with every click on external ads. 

Benefits of Using WCOFun TV

WCOFun provides a long list of benefits but we have mentioned some of the most crucial ones here. 

Wide-Range of Content: The platform offers a wide range of content for its users, thereby catering the needs of all.

Doesn’t break Laws: The website doesn’t break any laws and acts as single destination where users can watch anime, cartoons, movies and many more.
Affordable: The platfrom’s subscription starts with just$4 per month, which makes it not only affordable but also legal for entertainment.

Why is WCOFun TV so Popular? 

The main reason why this portal receives so much love is because of the free service it provides. And regardless of the streaming app being free, the features and smoothness of the site are on point. From having a user-friendly interface, to unlimited Anime, a new content addition frequently, and a download feature – wcofun is like any other streaming service that people pay to stream at. Also, any kind of device user can access the site. And not to forget, the availability of a separate Wcofun app for smartphones has made it even more convenient. 

TV Not Working Issue

The free streaming service is dominating worldwide, and millions of anime lovers tag it every month. In some cases, users have faced lagging issues, and this might have to do with the density of the current users. You can also try resetting your VPN if the problem persists for a longer period of time. Some of the best and most reliable VPN providers you can use to access Wcofun TV include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, VPNArea, PureVPN, and PrivateVPN, among others. 

WCOFun TV Apk Features 

  • Unlimited movies, cartoons, and series
  • New content gets added frequently.
  • The quality of what you are watching can be adjusted according to your liking. 
  • Problems such as lagging issues are rare.
  • Filter and search options are both credible. 
  • A summary of each anime is given. 
  • A lot of anime have subtitles and English dubbed versions. 

Why should you consider WCOFun TV? 

This anime streaming site is for both anime and non-anime lovers. The free app has some of the best anime content – from the latest to blockbuster ones. Once a new anime is released, it won’t take much time for WCOFun to add them to its collection. And as a user, you can watch this latest anime content for absolutely zero bucks. Other than that, here are a few more reasons why should you consider it: 

  • Quality and quantity: The number of anime content available on this platform is innumerable. The quantity, undoubtedly, is good. But what’s even better is the quality content it manages to cater to. 
  • Fast Streaming: Although free of cost, this streaming site makes sure the users get a buffer-free streaming experience as it uses more than one server. 
  • New anime Content: The exact frequency of when new content is added is not clear, but the providers are doing well in coming up with new content now and then. 
  • Fun layout: Other than a user-friendly interface and cool features, this platform also knows how to keep users hooked with the help of the fun layout. 

What are the anime language variations available on

The free anime streaming website is doing very well in keeping up with user satisfaction, likes, and dislikes. When it comes to available language options other than English, there are other local languages like Chinese subbed and dubbed versions as well, available for plenty of anime. Wcofun tv is incredible as it is not language alone that’s mesmerizing users, but things like HD quality of anime and the option to download content.

What are the most popular shows on the Wcofun app? has endless anime options that are good to watch, with some of them as follows: 

  • Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Death Note
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • One Piece
  • Attack On Titan
  • Naruto
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Soul Eater

Is the WCOFun app Legal?

WCOFun is legit and thus legal in many countries globally. However, your actual legal status depends on the country you are in. A lot of countries across the globe have made free streaming websites like this one illegal, and legal in some, while others are yet to take the call. In case you aren’t able to access the portal from your website, you can always try connecting using a VPN. 

How do I access the WCOFun app? 

Accessing the Wcofun app and website portal is not complicated at all. To do so, you can follow the steps given below: 

  • Download a reliable web browser on your device. 
  • Turn on the VPN beforehand if the site is prohibited in your present nation, such as India or Pakistan. 
  • Click on the official website link, i.e.,
  • The homepage will appear right away with an abundance of anime options.
  • Click on one that interests you, or use the search tool to find one according to your interests. 


Wcofun is specially made for anime lovers and caters to almost all kinds of mainstream anime. And for anyone who’s not into anime or hasn’t watched any of it, the Wcofun app will just be the right place to begin with. One can only imagine that such an impeccable site, with an abundance of features is available to all people for absolutely zero cost.

FAQs About Wcofun

1. Is the latest anime content available on

Yes, almost every newly released anime is uploaded on the website. 

2. Is there a download feature to save movies via WCofun? 

Yes, anyone who wishes to save a movie from Wcofun can do so using the StreamGaGa video downloader app. 

3. Are all anime series and movies available on WCofun for free? 

Yes, all kinds of movies, cartoons, and series available on the Wcofun app are free to watch and download. 

4. Does using WCOfun compromise my online safety? 

Wcofun is safe. But in case you feel threatened online while using it, you can always hang by a VPN for better encryption and identity protection

5. Is Wcofun safe and will someone face legal consequences for using it? 

For users based in countries that have banned WCOFun tv, there might be some consequences if caught.

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