Top 7 Ways To Get A Taste Of The Luxury Lifestyle In Dubai

It’s safe to say that billions of people around the world have witnessed the lifestyle lived by the super-rich in Dubai and sighed with longing and at least a bit of jealousy. We know without a doubt that you most likely fall into that category, too. The awe, intrigue, and longing that take hold whenever we look at pictures and videos of individuals living it up in Dubai are perfectly normal responses. Who doesn’t want to sit on the balcony of a $24,000 hotel room sipping on grossly overpriced cocktails and watching the sunset over the futuristic skyline of modern Dubai? Sounds like the definition of a distant dream to most… or is it?

A popular saying goes “You should try everything at least once”. This article aims to help you find ways to have a taste of the luxuries that Dubai has to offer without breaking the bank. This is your opportunity to make your luxury Dubai dreams come true on your next trip.

  1. Rent a Luxury car: Every story focused on opulence should start with you stepping out of a luxury sports car in slow motion. But if you’re reading this article, you likely don’t own a luxury sports car. Luckily, the UAE’s largest car rental marketplace, OneClickDrive is a perfect place to get great deals on your Dubai luxury car rental. It is said that the thrill of driving a luxury vehicle can only be explained by those who have driven it. Whether it’s a Maserati, Ferrari, or Rolls-Royce that you get, any luxury car would serve the purpose. Once you have that down, it’s time for the next steps. 
  1. Play golf at a luxury golf club: Known as a sport for the affluent, golfing in Dubai is a pastime for many. With several luxury golf clubs, an afternoon of golfing is an easygoing way to have a taste of the luxury of Dubai. The Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club costs about $250 per person per day. If you’re not comfortable with those numbers, there are several alternative golf courses. Golf is golf, after all, and will always have an air of exclusivity, whether it costs $50 to play or five times the price.
  1. Book a platinum luxury desert safari tour: This tour comes with a multitude of perks, including a 6-course dinner under a cabana, sunset camel rides, and falconry displays. You should expect nothing less than perfection, considering it all costs upwards of $540. There is also an exhibit called the Flaming Sands of Arabia Fire Show. Nothing but the very best for the temporary luxury lover!
  1. Buy expensive cocktails: Currently, some of the most expensive cocktails commercially available in Dubai can cost upwards of $4,500 per glass. If that’s not within your budget, then there are some more affordable, yet equally luxurious options available. 
  2. Get some sinfully delicious (and expensive) desserts: Scoopi, a popular gourmet ice cream shop in Dubai serves the “Black diamond”. A scoop of this decadent dessert costs an equivalent of $722. It is topped with real edible gold shavings and is said to be deliciously creamy. However, spending two month’s rent on a scoop of ice cream isn’t the only way to go at Scoopi. The other desserts available are top-rated and also wonderfully decadent. 


Living like the ultra-rich in modern Dubai is something that will remain a distant dream to most. However,  when you secure a Rolls Royce rental in Dubai, there are a large array of activities that can help you get a glimpse into this lavish lifestyle without having to remortgage your house. A bit of opulence goes a long way, so just a taste of this can last you a lifetime.