Kisskh Brings Hollywood, Korean, Thai, and Chinese Drama To One Platform


Kisskh is a one-in-all website, catering to films from Hollywood, Korea, Thailand, and China, among others. And by any chance, if you end up being a K-drama fan, then this platform will be heaven for you. Why? Well, because the range of available options is like any other streaming website, and thee only difference you’ll encounter is the price. That is because Kisskh is free. This article talks more about this platform, and you can start right here: 

What is Kisskh me?

Kisskh Me is a free movie streaming website catering to blockbuster films, from various countries and multiple film industries. And alongside movies, there are series, and documentaries as well. To date, there have been 10k downloads, with the app having a 3.71 rating. This isn’t bad at all, and rather, indicates that this particular streaming platform is a pioneering choice of entertainment. 

Kisskhme 2023: Overview

Of the content it has, the amount of Asian drama it caters to is the most. Second, is Hollywood, then anime – most of which are watchable in multiple languages and subtitles. In other words, the contents go beyond language difficulties, and there’s a rare chance you won’t be able to watch a movie because of the dialect. All of these refer to only one thing – the credibility of the platform. 

What is Kisskh. Me streaming website?

The idea behind kisskh. me streaming website 

A few decades ago, the Hollywood industry was all that movie fans had as getting access to regional movies was not so feasible. But now that we have multiple streaming applications available, being able to watch movies from around the world is gradually becoming a norm. And most importantly, Asian dramas got quite the hype nowadays—not – not in Asian countries alone, but throughout the world.

How to use Kisskh. Me?

The drama streaming website offers latest released content in Chinese drama, Korean drama, Hollywood, and whatnot! But, to access such content users need to follow some steps which are as follows:

  1. Go to the web browser on your device and enter kisskh me.
  2. Visit the official link among the list redirected by SERPs.
  3. Click on the correct link and scroll its dashboard to find the drama of your choice.
  4. Once you visit the dashboard, there are a number of drama series from Korea, China, Hollywood, Anime, etc.
  5. You can visit the category as per your choice and interest.
  6. If you want to stream a particular drama you can directly enter its name from the top right corner on the search icon.
  7. Click on the show and you will see a table that contains a share button, add a favourite icon, and a description.
  8. The most significant option that is available on this page is to select episode number.
  9. You can click on the episode number that you want to stream.
  10. Woahhh! Your video will start streaming and you can enjoy it!

What does Kisskh. Me offers?

The breakthrough was the series – Squid Game and Crash Landing on You – which turned out to be a success. After the two, Korean series and overall movies got even more popular. Result? There was a significant increase in the number of daily Korean movie viewers. And likewise, the popularity of Korean movie streaming apps increased.

The idea behind website is the same – catering to the likes of the mass. This platform is well-optimized in a way that favours people who are Korean movie and series fans. As a part of their duty, the websites upload most content days after its release. But it is not the Korean entertainment alone that kisskh caters to. It is inclusive of other industries like Chinese and Thai. 

Why is Kisskh popular?

Why is Kisskh me Popular? 

One solid reason why this platform could take over quite easily is that it has turned into an incredible intermediary for fans to search for their favorite content.

  1. Viewers have the full liberty to research their content and explore more. And despite having multiple alternatives, Kisskh has become a pioneering choice for streaming movies. 
  2. This app is currently one of the most popular among all and has users in millions. People come to this website to watch their favourite films and series daily. 
  1. Initially, this application was only available on Android. However, the new version has now been extended for iOS users and the responses are warming. 
  2. So, another reason why this platform is majorly getting loved is the convenience of mobile users who can install and instantly start binge-watching movies. 
  3. You can download your kisskh application using other third-party applications. 
  4. And the final assumption for the site to get this many positive reactions in return is the content itself. 
  5. For any streaming site, the content influences much of its success. 
  6. From trending talks of movie parts like ‘Till the End of the moon ep 21 eng sub kitsch to other content that aren’t easily found in typical streaming sites — kisskh, in particular, has much to offer. 

Is Kisskh legit or a scam?

Kisskhme is a popular platform, even though legality issues can be extremely alarming. Users have to make sure that they take enough precautions, such as getting a VPN. Also, users must mandatorily check for geographical restrictions before engaging on the platform.

Kisskh is a free streaming website, which means the owner does not get enough credit for its production. The users don’t have to pay for anything, and the creator does not get paid. This could gradually take the production team into a dark phase, ending up in a financial crisis at some point. Fortunately, this dark phase is not as near right now.

Is safe? 

Kisskh’s safety is not guaranteed and might end up being unreliable at any given point in time. Although the safety isn’t extremely poor, the app cannot be trusted blindly. The reason is the operation method of this platform. Firstly, this website is free and generates revenue from ads alone. So, even if the website integrity is credible, the pop up ads might be associated with malware attacks. 

Pros of kisskh. me

Keeping the legality and safety concerns out of the chat, here are some of key features of kisskh. me:

  • It is one of the newest streaming services trending right now. 
  • The interface is built strong, yet super easy to use. 
  • A lot of content comes with subtitle options with changeable style. 
  • Device compatibility is great and both Android and iOS users can use it. 
  • There are a lot of pre-themes available. Users can change and set it according to their likes. 
  • If you find that your favourite movie is not available on the platform, you are free to send a request for it. 
  • Signup is not mandatory and users can choose to watch movies here even without registering. 
  • You can find only quality content here. 
  • Movies can be downloaded for offline use or watched online – as per the wish of the user. 

Cons of kisskh. me

Although the features and pros of kisskh. me sounds convincing, here are a few cons of it, too: 

  • Because the platform charges no money in the form of a subscription, it generates revenue through ads. 
  • Crashing of websites is also a common issue that users often face. The reason behind such a sudden lag might have to do something with the volume of real-time users of the website. 
  • Content is still limited, no matter how hard the owner of this website tries to update and regulate. 
  • A lot of countries restrict the usage of such free streaming websites and term it illegal, imposing a ban on its operations. 

Alternatives to Kisskh

Alternatives to Kisskh

If you don’t find Kisskh as appealing, here are some alternatives you can try out: 

  1. Viki: Yet another streaming site that is excellent with subtitles is the Viki app, where a language barrier is rarely found. Overall, this app inclines much like the Kisskh app as there are many similarities between both. For example, the huge collection of Asian dramas both have. 
  2. Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll is a free streaming site, more commonly known for its abundance of anime content. Next to the huge anime content, is the second-most commonly found option – Asian movies and series. 
  3. DramaGo: This one emphasizes Korean dramas, although it has more options outside of it as well. 


The priority of kisskh is streaming Asian movies. But other than that, it also has blockbuster movies from Hollywood and other industries. This platform is supposedly the best of its kind –– both content-wise and the overall interface. However, the issues it comes along with cannot be ignored at the same time. 

Yes, there are multiple undeniable issues of kisskh. But at the same time, this website is worthwhile given the fact that it a free streaming hub. 


1. Is kisskh illegal? 

There’s no certainty with the legality of kisskh as it can only be determined by the current geographical location. Some countries have put a total ban on such free streaming sites, while others have not. 

2. Can you modify the style of subtitles on KissKH?

Yes, you can change the style of the subtitles. 

3. How can you download Movies on kisskh?  

The latest version of kisskh supports offline saving of movies. The option of downloading will appear near the play button itself. 

4. What is the monthly fee of kisskh app?

The Kisskh app does not charge any money and is free for all. Although free, there will be many ads that come in between your movies. 

5. Is safe? 

Yes, kisskh. me is somewhat safe, although not reliable at all. You should always turn on additional safety protocols while streaming movies on it.


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